I haven’t posted on here in such a long time. I have posted on Facebook for a year or two but it’s not the same. I have always been myself here, reflective and contemplative, and might get back to posting more while it’s wintertime and my deeper places tend to come to the surface more.

I don’t know how many still follow my posts, especially since I lost my domain name “aprayerfullife” by accident the last year or two. I have had people a part of this blog since our children were babies. I was a part of a forum for ten years called Momys – Mothers of Many Young Siblings. Life has changed, times have changed but I still follow the Lord, even though I strayed from Him for a good year and a half – I’ll explain more later.

Since my last post of December a year ago, there have been many changes. The kids started school last year on December 2nd and while it broke my heart and I paced my driveway for days (looking at the school next door), I still believe it was the Lord. The kids and our family have integrated into the community beautifully this past year in the church and school. We have some very close friends and many other friends we love and feel loved by here. I am sure if I post regularly here again, my love for them will be threaded throughout my thoughts and posts.

Last year my husband had some symptoms that needed a Neurologist to look at. He was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. The prognosis is 5-7 years unto death from diagnosis. It lends itself a different path for each individual that is diagnosed with this disease. He could be here for several more years or start a rapid decline and be gone in a matter of months. As one woman shared about her husband with Lewy Body Dementia, “My husband was driving last year, this year he doesn’t even know how to get into a car.”

Matthew is still doing fairly well. He has some cognitive problems and physical troubles and new symptoms that seem to come about every month,  but that is to be expected. We have prepared our house with Estate Plans and other matters this past year and thank the Lord for His guidance. I have personally seen His hand upon our home through this the entire year.

I’ve continued on my weight loss journey… probably around 100 lbs loss. I walk and bike ride. I usually ride for an hour, but one day went for a 60 mile bike ride. That took several hours. Each year I find that I can tackle hills I couldn’t tackle the year before. I am in need of a new bike now as my first and third gears don’t work and I have a spoke coming out of my tire. Hoping to make it until Spring. I put some miles on it…

This past month was very hard. We contracted Covid 19 just prior to Thanksgiving and my husband was hospitalized and on oxygen for a week. The children fared well, I was very sick and was bed bound for quite some time. I have lingering fatigue. Our dear family friend Joyce entered the hospital a few days after Matthew. Unfortunately, she passed away on the 15th of this month. It was hard for me to comprehend her death the past couple of weeks. This morning my heart started to miss her because I would have seen her sometime during these past couple of weeks… the tears just followed.

I’ll now share some photos over the past year…



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  1. I’m so thrilled to have found you. I have thought of you off and on over the years and wondered how you were doing. I had stopped receiving blog updates and didn’t realize the old blog was gone. I’m not sure if you remember me from MOMYS. It’s Marcella or Saponaria. I sent you a FB friend request. It’s so nice to see all the updated pictures of the kids. They are all getting so big! I’m expecting our 9th and presumably last at 44.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Matthew’s diagnosis. God be with your family. You will all be in my prayers.

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