Our Beliefs and Changes over the Years…

I posted this last year but wanted to repost. I wish I could figure out how to make this a sticky on our blog. : )

If you are new to our blog, you will see from the past several years that we were of the Mennonite beliefs. We want to make it clear that we don’t not share any of the same beliefs or walk anymore… we have common backgrounds like everyone else; public school, both of us employed (and with the government), I wore shorts and jeans and at one time very short hair while my husband had long hair.  I still believe the Lord led us that way as we have learned a lot on our journey. I have no regrets as we walked in faith to the best of our ability. Surely, I would rather fail in walking in my faith than never to try to see what the Lord has for our lives. So, please be gracious in not judging our past years of our walk in the Lord. If anyone ever wants to hear more about how our journey down that road started or anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you…

Photos from 2005, the summer before we got married.

5 thoughts on “Our Beliefs and Changes over the Years…

  1. Hi Miriam this is Eugene Coghill I just found your blog! I did not know that you were a blogger. You have an amazing family and an even bigger heart.

    I don’t know the spiritual journey you are on but would love to hear and learn more about it.

    I am intrigued by the Menonite aspect as I don’t have a clue what that is.

    Wow you truly are one of the good women who got away! Your husband is such a lucky man.

    I think you must have an interesting life and a fascinating story to tell. Do I hear a book in your future?

    How in the world do you manage 8 kids?
    I am really intrigued by your life, now! LoL

    • Hi Eugene! Since being saved in 1991 after “really” being on the wrong side of the tracks, I’ve always been very close and reliant on the Lord. But it still didn’t stop me from wanting to be a part of the body of Christ in a church with others who see God the same way… though I did always know I am a part of the body of Christ with believers from many, many denominations. This could be a long story so I will try to sum it up. Praying and viewing our lifestyle back in 2008 or so, we felt the Lord was maybe putting us with the Mennonites… homeschooling, less attention to media and worldly dress. They are like the Amish but are as diverse as the church we see today. : ) We made some friends of the same beliefs, we tried to join the churches but due to our past of divorce, it wasn’t happening with their church. But we kept looking for “our” people. We look back and see the pride that grew in us over the years that we were reflecting on our belief that the outside was a reflection on what was on the inside… while there’s truth in this, it isn’t always necessarily so… as you know.

      Going back, in my search to “belong”, in early 2000’s I was involved in more of a prosperity gospel. You are probably familiar with this. Tragic circumstances and a good brother in Christ who’s a preacher, taught me that this wasn’t fully truth either. Reformed Calvinism Churches… went that route. Their coldness steered us away more than anything else. Now we belong to a simple church of people who love Christ, are imperfect as we are, love and support one another beyond anything I could have dreamed of and our focus is on Christ more so rather than what the church can do for us. There will always be things spoken we don’t agree with as we all come from different backgrounds, experiences with Christ, different teachings and denominations, etc… and we’re finally of the maturity to let that go and not rebutt every little thing that doesn’t line up with our beliefs. He wants us in this church and with this people and that’s all we need to know. We are finally at rest after 10+ years of looking. We are being remolded. We are being humbled once again. It’s okay to even be on milk again for a while… once the rubbish is cleared, the rebuilding can begin and it will be stronger than before. Thank you for allowing me to share…

  2. Hadassah, I found you! You were such a comfort to me when I lost my little Joshua nearly 6 years ago.
    I hope you are well! Your family looks so lovely! They always do!
    I’ve had some real setbacks health wise the last year. I had a stroke last October which left me somewhat paralyzed on my left side. Followed by breast cancer 5 months later.( Lots of other not so serious health problems.)
    You mentioned Matthew had some health problems which caused you to put the children in school. Do update us!!

    Kim Wright

    • Hi Kim, I just wrote you back on the e-mail you sent me earlier. Let’s catch up! I thought of you a month ago and tried looking you up. I’m so glad you found me! I’m so very sorry to hear about your health problems… we need to talk. Are you at the same phone number from 5 years ago?

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