Life Changes – School

Due to life changes regarding my husband’s health (I’ll share more later), we have decided to place our kids in public school. They started just today, I took this picture of them this morning. It’s been a verrrry long day for me without them. It will take some time to get used to having them gone much of the day. Fortunately, they only go to school Tuesday through Friday as that is the days they are open and this school is rated in the top 2% of schools in Missouri and is like what my husband and I grew up in. And it’s next door to us. Right next door.

I visited my mother with two of our kids early November. I need to put photos of our trip here. I do have some on Facebook. I am on Facebook as it keeps me up on local events, etc…. since most of the locals have trouble with my first name, I am going by my middle name Miriam. Feel free to look me up on Facebook – Miriam Geraci. I will continue with this blog though as it really is kind of a keepsake for our kids. I hope everyone is doing well.