Putting Down Roots

I may have a few more photos to share in the next few days. We are finally putting down roots here. The kids just started going to church in town on Wednesdays and Sunday morning and evening. We are so glad to have them finally involved. I have attended as well and like it. All the people I am closest to or have a liking for attend here, I have felt a pulling to go here for some time and now it seems to be time. The kids love it.

I got the kids involved in a good sized homeschooling group here just recently. It seems mostly Christian based, we just missed the Creation Museum outing in Branson but next month we are attending a Military Museum in Springfield. We went on a park play day at a beautiful local park recently and a wonderful, wonderful tour of the Dunnegan Art Museum last week. We’re so looking forward to getting more involved with others through this group. The leader is a wonderful lady, I feel I have a connection with her already, I couldn’t be happier.

My mother is in a Memory Care Home in Corvallis Oregon. I and two of the girls are flying out to see her in early November. My heart hurts for her so much right now, I can’t share much right now but I am in a state of grief just trying to keep my head above water every day. I don’t know how I am going to see her without crying the entire time. I love her and miss her dearly. This has been very hard on me lately. Please keep my mother, my sister and myself in prayer. Matthew’s dear mother in San Diego sent us some money so we could go out and see her. I will ever be so grateful for this dear woman.

I’m still losing weight but only 20 more or this year… premenopause you know. But, here’s a photo of my much skinnier face compared to last year. Sorry it’s blurry, it’s better to have a big smile with a blurry photo than a not so cheerful face!

Other than that, I am going to see if I have some birthday photos on my camera (I probably do), and upload those this week to get all caught up. I hope everyone is doing well. We’re down to just a few followers now, I think I lost some of you when I went from aprayerfullife.com to here. Hopefully they will find me somehow. I miss you all. Take care…

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    • Awww, you are the last from Momys who even visits here or is my friend. Thank you so much, it means so much to me! I hope you are doing well! Lots of love….

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