July Birthdays and Bunnies

Elisabeth turned 13 this year. I took her that morning to lunch at the Golden Corral… a special 13 year old treat. Then we went to get her ears pierced. She and I had a wonderful time. I am going to do that with each of our girls as they become a teen. Matthew too but minus the earrings.  : )

We still had dessert at home though…

Then we had Benjamin’s birthday. Big boy! He turned 4 this year.

Even with his disabilities, he’s coming along. Just recently we have been able to walk him quietly out of a room that we don’t want him in (kitchen, gets into EVERYTHING), and he walks with us nicely and says “Good boy”. We have great hope now!

Homemade blueberry cobbler….

…and then there’s the bunnies. We bought three of them, they are so adorable. I let the kids bring them in sometimes as long as they are on a towel. Look at how cuddly they are!

This is the lion head bunny. So adorably cute!

The twins had their 7th birthday together July 24th.

The kids bought them presents and couldn’t wait to give them to Tabitha and Anna on their birthday.


They went all out…


Happy Birthday Girls!