The Farmer’s Market – The Start of it All

Some of the kids waving bye bye to me. They always run to the fence to say bye to me, dad or a neighbor who visited.

Back in July, I wanted to start getting the kids our more… getting them involved in the community. You’ll see in the following posts this next week just how busy we’ve been. Here is a helmet safety, bike riding/obstacle course function at the Farmers Market they had. The kids got a free helmet, got to get lessons from who they called “Government Safety”, make smoothies on this bike and have lots of fun… candy, stickers, you name it.

Matthew stirring things up a bit….

Elisabeth having a blast.

Leah’s turn…

Kids playing on the back field of the Hickory County Farmers Market.

Elisabeth doing a word search she got from the Farmer’s Market. Each Friday they had a free meal for all kids. They usually picked the taco or nachos, got a drink and dessert with it too. I would buy tomatoes and veggies (until our tomatoes came up) from the Jesus Freaks stand. I met a new friend here, Melissa Elliot. Super sweet as everyone is here. We haven’t been for a few weeks as we’ve been sick or some other obligations, but we will probably go again this next Friday. Now this leads me to the cooking class we attended for six weeks… we signed up for it while at the helmet safety function.

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