25th Annual Wheatland Harvest Festival

I took all of the kids but Benjamin to the Harvest Festival early September. We had a ball. It was so fun for the kids.  There are more photos after the parade photos (there’s a lot of parade photos), so if you get bored of them, you can scroll down. Just a few are out of order.

Matthew being a boy.

Tabitha… that’s dried corn in front of her.

Looks like a fun corn box.

Leah and Miriam won something…

Our table was full of candy after the parade. Don’t worry, Miriam had hers all eaten before dinner.

Hannah showing me her pile of candy.

Sorry, the parade photos aren’t posting in order. But you’ll get the idea.

Look at this mans’ happy face. that’s why we love it here… happy doggy too!

You don’t get this in Washington State.


The band… good ole country music.

Be prepared for the painted faces…

Tire Track Face…

Leah, you look a little different…

Hanni, you’re always cute!

Girls having fun… they love it, they would never get away with this at home!!!  : )

Enjoy it while you can Elisabeth!  ; )  Only you would pick the most drastic red color and design! I love ya!

The famous potato sack race…

Hannah was the winner… she’s always the winner, I’m not surprised. She’s quick as a whip.


Tug A War…

Hoola Hoops… it was a full day. We were here 5 1/2 hours or so. Pretty hot day too. I did find a stand that sold you a good size glass of iced tea for only .50.





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