A Few Photos…

Not too many photos but I’ll share what I have for now… The twins. Anna on the left cut her hair in the front, thus the awkward hair style.

Ginger had kitties this year… next, she’s going to be fixed as she’s pregnant again.

Spring lambs. One almost didn’t make it, she was stuck coming out and all of a sudden Matthew shouted that she was dead. He decided since he had nothing to lose, to force her out. She came out and he rubbed her for a few minutes and she came to. She’s fine and healthy now.

Elisabeth all excited after the lamb gave birth. Been helping us out in the barn that day with them.

Dad doing his bees. He has a free bee class every Saturday. Our driveway fills up with cars as it’s not free anywhere else. He is truly become a master of the bees. I am really impressed by his expertise in knowledge and application with beekeeping.

I finally got an iphone so we could be online during tornado warnings… showing Pup how to invert the camera to take a photo. She was impressed!

Dad’s nucs….  3 and 5 frame beehives.

In our backyard…

These are all taken with an old iphone so they’re not the best quality, but still good enough to share.

The Highland Frisco Trail for bike riding, runs 35 miles from Springfield to Bolivar. I rode just 10 miles that day to check it out… I had already ridden that morning and walked at ten oclock.


View from a bridge on my ride…

One of three bridges I rode over…

My face after losing 85 pounds… in the 150’s now. Close to the weight I was at when we got married.

We had tornadoes less than 10 miles from us. Some of the destruction I witnessed on another bike ride I commonly take.

Just scary…

Broken structures for miles. This is just one of them.

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