Our Beliefs… Changes Over the Years

If you are new to our blog, you will see from the past several years that we were in with the Mennonite beliefs, etc… We want to make it clear that we don’t not share any of the same beliefs or views anymore… we have nothing to do with the Mennonites anymore. I still believe the Lord led us that way as we have learned a lot on our journey. I have no regrets as we walked in faith the best to our ability. Surely, I would rather fail in walking in my faith than never to try to see what the Lord has for our lives. So, please be gracious in not judging our past years of our walk in the Lord. Thank you…

3 thoughts on “Our Beliefs… Changes Over the Years

  1. My faith walk has lead me to many different places; some years, I wish I could erase from our minds and my children’s minds, but they are all part of our story and history with God, as yours will be as well. I love following your family, so please keep sharing <3 (fellow Momys member here-but when I had to stop having babies bc of a cesarean hysterectomy, I had a hard time being there watching more and more babies coming when my heart wasn't ready to be done, but my body was.) Anyways, praying that God leads you ultimately right where He needs you to be. <3

  2. Gods grace is sufficient. And a heart that fully seeks Him will find Him. God loves that you want to know Him and His ways. He loves that you keep following after Him where He leads you.
    This is gbmomy from years ago. I hope we connect again.

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