New Photography Blog

I made a new photography blog/portfolio to store my best photos so I can see how I advance. I wanted to keep it separate from the family blog. I WILL be posting on the kids/family soon but with my usual auto mode unless I am going to do a portrait shot or something special. I am hoping to advance enough in photography and post processing over the next year to enter some local art fairs next summer. I have a lot to learn…

If you want to stay up with Matthew and his bees, go to


I miss you all…

2 thoughts on “New Photography Blog

  1. Hi, I was wondering what happened to your husbands “allmendontlust” website??

    It seems to not be working anymore. I always used to show people who didn’t believe me when I said there are people other than my husband and I that *don’t* believe in lusting.

    (It’s so hard to find others like that!)

    • I’m so sorry Louise, I am just seeing this now! He has dedicated his time into his beekeeping and doesn’t have the time for it. We have set our priorities down to just a few this year. He also believes that his voice isn’t really being heard and again would rather invest his time into something else. Thank you for your concern. : )

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