…well, almost 70 lbs. I’m 179 lbs today. Be nice to me, don’t do the math!  : )  I got down to a 66 lb loss over a month ago… maybe 2 months ago and it just stalled and kept going up and down. I finally figured it was time to change the diet around so a little over a week ago I started the keto diet. Wow, what a change. I have a 3 egg omelet in the morning with LOTS of cheese in it and am full until dinnertime. I do have coffee and tea with heavy cream throughout the day so it does sustain me. What a change in everything… I don’t need a nap everyday as I used to. I attribute it to the diet.  I supplement with MCT oil and what a difference it has made in not only me but my husband’s energy level.

Is the keto diet healthy? I don’t believe so, long term. But, I don’t see anything wrong with anyone using it to lose some weight. It is better to be a little void nutritionally or calories wise than to have 100 lbs or so lugging around destroying your organs, blood pressure, heart and your life. I don’t know if I will stay on keto the rest of the way down (35 or so more lbs), but am happy to see the scale moving again. I do use keto urine strips and like what I see, it’s motivating for me. I was able to easily ride my bike 13 miles the other day, 4 miles with the girls.  : )



Here are some resources:

I am currently reading this book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079RLTKS9/ref=oh_aui_d_detailpage_o01_?ie=UTF8&psc=1

In the book she describes how they put kids into ketosis when they are NOT responding to anti-seizure drugs at all. They put the Navy Seals on a keto diet so that during training underwater they don’t have a seizure.

She also has some many other youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dr+annette+bosworth+keto+diet- I really like her personality but moreso her knowledge.

I WILL add more to this later in hopes that it will help a few others… I need to finish lunch for my kiddos.


4 thoughts on “70 LB WEIGHT LOST!

  1. Hadassah, so glad you have shared your weight loss journey. It is encouraging. I started a ketogenic diet but the holidays have caused some interruptions. I definitely will get back to it in the new year. This is my first visit to your new site so I’m glad I found you again! I just wanted to send greetings for a wonder-filled Christmas for the whole Geraci family. You are all beautiful! I’m sorry to read about a situation that happened earlier in the year and pray that God in His goodness will heal your hearts and emotions. May you experience an abundance of God’s love, mercy and kindness! Mary & Tom

    • Oh, I wish my comments would alert me by email. I had no idea you wrote! Bless you, I was thinking of you the other day. If you are ever down this way, please stop by!!!

  2. Hello Hadassah
    It is gbmomy from several years ago. I entered your name in my contacts last November. I have been waiting for what I believe is Gods timing to reach out again. I will give you my new email and then my phone number. I scrolled and looked at a few photos and videos. Your look beautiful and your family is wonderful.
    In His time.

    • You really hurt me. In 2012 I shared my concern (in love) over you driving to meet a man you met online in another state with your 5 children and your never called or wrote me back. I was so worried about you, I even looked in the obituaries for a few years after that. I called and wrote for months and never heard a response. I thought our friendship was much more than that. I am not angry, just still hurt. I don’t understand. I am in tears again today just getting this. I really loved you! I hope your family and all those sweet kids are okay. I always had hoped so.

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