Broken Leg – Fibula

Day 8 After the splint came off. Very swollen compared to the other leg.


After losing over 30 lbs, and being able to ride my old bike pretty well again, I thought it was time to buy a real mountain bike so that I would be safe on these dirt, gravely, country roads. On June 1st, I got up early and eagerly went to get my bike – a Trek Skye S mountain bike with front suspension and lockout. It is the female version of the Marlin 5. Since I was up to working out two times a day, and on an old, rickety Walmart bike in which I had to constantly move the handlebar back in place while riding, it was so smooth to take it out for my first try out. I road it down the street towards our neighbors and couldn’t believe the difference between bikes. I got to the end of the road and slowly started to turn around when my bike slipped out from under me on the gravel. My leg stayed. I knew I had fractured it as I couldn’t put weight on it or get up. I crawled to the side of the road and waited for someone to come by so I could point them to my house to get my husband.

While I couldn’t walk, I could drive… up to the VA in Kansas City. I brought the two girls with me so they could get someone to get me into a wheel chair. They did x-rays to confirm a broken fibula and a chip off of somewhere. I had to go back again for what I thought would be the real cast and the doctor said for me to come back on Thursday the 14th for surgery. The next day I took a fall coming in the house trying to hold onto a handle that broke. I had just wanted to sit on my porch. I hurt my leg again and knew I needed to go in again for x-rays. It swelled up profusely and hurt more than the original fracture. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of driving up there so far from my husband and home again and then being so far for surgery. I was at my end where I couldn’t do it emotionally or physically. I talked to my husband that next morning about going local as I’m on ChampVA program but wouldn’t get it for free as I would at the VA on the CITI program. We agreed that it was the best thing to do. I went in on Friday then saw the doctor yesterday with my husband and he shared that I DO NOT NEED SURGERY!!! I am already 2 weeks into the healing process, we needn’t start the healing again after surgery and we are both so relieved. My husband is doing all the meals and laundry and EVERYTHING. He is doing such a good job but it sure is a strain on our family right now, bad. But, thank God for the good news and deciding to go local to hear I won’t need surgery. I may get to walk with a walking boot on July 9th. Be safe, have a good summer everyone.


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  1. Bless your heart! What an ordeal! I know with our large family…a mother just cant be laid up! I wish I lived closer so I could have and be of some help to you. You have a wonderful husband to be able to pick up the slack and let you recover. I am praying for you and your speedy recovery. I give glory to God that you did not need surgery. That is always a hard thing for a body to recover from the anesthesia and such. God be with you and your family and have a great summer too. Blessings!

  2. Lord have mercy! I’m so sorry. What a scary break. I hope you recover soon. Thank the Lord you have such a helpful husband! I have a friend who broke both ankles in one go last year. Very hard to deal with. I’ve never broken anything before but have been very sick and laid up in bed for long periods of time. And it’s just hard no matter how hard everyone else works. It’s not the same thing as when mama is managing it all.

  3. Hello Hadassah……………mend soon! Bet the girls are a great help now. Tried to write e-mail but it was bounced back to me…………..Take care………….

  4. Hi Carol…. Thank you so much for writing! I checked my spam folder and you aren’t in it. I do spam businesses and thought maybe I accidentally spammed you but “no”. : ) So, please try to write again. I’ll write you so you can write back and maybe that will help.

    The girls and all the kids are a big help right now. With my injury we sure have seen our weak places in the family. The kids haven’t done much in the way of chores since moving in here and with Matthew doing it all with me down, it (and the kids) reared it’s ugly head. But, we’re on track now and now it’s a matter of me continuing to enforce it when I am better. It’s just so easy to do yourself when you are well.

    Funny, I was thinking of you yesterday because we have usually written each other by now. I hope you and Snoopy are healthy and happy and you are enjoying your summer! Lots of love, take care…. Hadassah

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