When a Friend is Dying

My husband and I visited our friend and neighbor today, who is dying on his bed. Oh how sad it is that society (in the US) is sheltered from such a privilege in seeing a loved one who will soon pass. Our brother David is a Christian man who in our short time here in our hometown has made a significant impact on us. He could not speak coherently. He uttered phrases over and over again, though peacefully. His wife asked him to pray and he could pray perfectly. Matthew and I had tears streaming down both of our faces. Though he couldn’t speak, he could pray. So beautiful and soooo meaningful. So heartbreaking that we will have to wait some years to see him with the Lord one day through our own parting from this earth. We will miss him and all of our small town will… how one person can touch a few lives so deeply through Christ’s love.

Dolls and Dresses (and Suits Too)

One last post before my mother arrives. My photos uploaded on here in the opposite order than I intended…  rather than re-doing them I’ll just leave it as is.

My mother’s ramp. He did a superb job. We are very happy with this.

Matthew and Elisabeth walking out in our field after receiving some home sewed dresses and suits from my friend Judy. I’ll share more later.

Matthew and I. He’s wearing his new suit that my friend made for him. Vest and all…. I lost 15 lbs since this picture. We’ve had the flu since March 22nd, a very bad flu, so I haven’t been able to walk since getting sick. We’re expecting snow tomorrow of all things… and after a beautiful day today of nearly 70 degrees.

Hannah in her dress and homemade doll from my friend, with her matching dress. She made dresses for all the girls with matching dresses on homemade dolls. Can you believe it? They are their favorite dolls now.

Matthew’s homemade suit. Yes, even the shirt! She is a pro… really, she made a living sewing at one time and had employees.  I hope I’m not sharing too much. I am just in awe still that she would go to such means to make such things for all of our children. Even Ben has a suit that matches his brother’s.

Ben’s gift was also this sweet, little truck and car set. He loves it.

Hanni adores her doll.

See how the dresses match? I like Leah’s the best. They are all unique too. Some of the dolls are blonde, some are red heads….

Thanks for bearing with this post, it really is out of order.  : )

What a gift. How do you repay something like this…


Little Leah…

Pup all excited after receiving her dress and doll.  : )  Thank you so much friend.

And look who we have here… our new dove. I always wanted a dove. She/he coos and just  recently started “laughing” on occasion. We still don’t know if our dove is a boy or girl. I suppose is she lays eggs, it’s a girl. If he bows while cooing, he’s a boy. I can’t seem to come up with a name quite yet. We also got some sheep. Katahdin sheep… a momma and her two baby ewes. They are so cute….


One last thing… I just became a contributor on Shutterstock Photo’s.  I thought I’d see what would happen after submitting a few photos and they accepted! I haven’t received a download yet and from what I read, will probably only get about .29 per download but I am enjoying learning Photoshop CC (online they are only $9,99 a month), and tinkering with old photos or taking new as I did with a simple rug in my bedroom and a shot from my living room chair towards my bedroom (the black and white photo). Fun, fun…