This and That

I have a couple sets of pictures to share before my mom arrives. She is arriving on my birthday, April 10th.

Our handsome pup at 4 months old.

Elisabeth showing off her dress I bought her (right before my friend made dresses for all the girls – I’ll share those on the next post).

I bought a couple of cheap coin purses off of Amazon for my purse to keep my things secure. The kids loved them of course so I bought them all one as well. They’re about $2.00 a piece as a set of four.

A glimpse at our unique (and dirty – what do you expect? Small kitchen, ten people), kitchen. Matthew sanded the floor some months ago but we haven’t been able to go forward with it as mom’s house has taken a priority. The floor was getting ugly looking without a finish so I thought of buying a rug for a $100 fix for a couple of years if need be. We think it’s pretty with it in there.

Showing off my lamp I bought last month. I like the homey look for a home, a bit old fashioned, as it seems these days to be going away towards cold, industrial, boring, Scandinavian like structures that don’t even resemble “home” anymore. That’s just my opinion anyways.  : )

I might have showed you this picture I bought last summer for $25 at the thrift store. I think it’s called “The Shepherdess.”

Another cheap decoration…. $15 for an old door off a shelf. It’s pretty above the old, brown high chair that most of our kids used.

Some goodies that our wonderful neighbors gave us recently. Thank you, Gregory, Patty and Karen.

Sigh…. our sad story. Yes, you already know where this is going. I had to go to the VA hospital in Kansas City recently for an ultrasound on my thyroid. I took Hannah with me. On our way back I took her by a pet store. We fell in love with the parakeets and the price of them. Hannah picked her out.

We grew really attached to her and she to us. We didn’t even have a set name for her. She was only with us for a week.

The day before she died, our neighbors did their usual soil burning all day long (see the entire black field). It was directed at our house for hours with the winds. I had to have the kids go in. It didn’t bother us but it was too much for our little sweetie. I knew that morning when she was sitting at the bottom of the cage that she would die. I held her throughout the morning as she let me and she died in my hands while the kids were eating lunch. I cried the most, I think because I got to hold her in her last hours. Such a sweet little bird. I love birds.

Daddy made a little burial box for her and we said a prayer and buried her underneath a tree outside the kitchen window. We still miss her…