The Best Part About Missouri

…. is having friends you love, nearby.

While I don’t have a picture of me and my friend, Laura yet… I have  a few of their children and ours playing together in their yard back in April.  Their beautiful property…  I love their beautiful candle holder/chandelier in the yard. We’ll have to consider doing this too!  How could one not love the beauty of the farmlands here?  Finally, a good friend to play with. Hi, sweet Noah! Doggy taking nap… Lazy afternoon.

Hannah swinging…. 

6 thoughts on “The Best Part About Missouri

  1. Oh wonderful for Matthew to have a friend! Boys really need friends throughout their life. My Zay and his brothers were very close friends. The last 4 years Zay hasn’t had a big bro, but in the city he has contact with other boys. No like minded friends yet.
    Well that beautiful chandelier outdoes our pole lamp with steal benches! LOL! Hmmm I need something that pretty too! I love it!
    Say hello to Laura for me, her children are beautiful, and her place is lovely!

    • I wish you and Laura could meet. I know you two would hit it off right away. I wish we could all meet together, all my friends and all of your friends and Susan’s, our friends in Washington and….. well, we’ll all be together in Heaven with Jesus one day! : ) Your comments always make me smile, Elizabeth.

  2. Missouri is a better place now that the Geraci’s are here!! We love you all and are so happy you have settled down in our neck of the woods! What a blessing it is for us all to have good friends so close by. 🙂

  3. Such peaceful beauty to raise your children. And a friend for Matthew…that is just wonderful.
    God is so good…getting us all together would be a challenge but would be so much fun! Have a blessed day!

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