Our New Home in Missouri – Part III

These pictures are already a month or more old. We have done so much to the house already. It’s still a bit hard to get in the swing of things on blogging.  : )  Outside pictures…. Elisabeth in the garden they left behind. We are getting lots of tomatoes right now. Lots of them!  View of the front yard. We have a swing on that tree for the kids and a little one for Benjamin. We have another swing on the tree to the right that you cannot see.  My husband tearing down (by hand), the porch. It is already done and cleaned up by now. It’s beautiful to see the simplicity of the home.  Can you picture the house without this deck? Won’t it be pretty? I like these pictures of my husband putting up the swings, you can really see the beauty of Missouri.        The front porch looking North.  Back towards our garden. We’re looking for a contractor to come out to do an add on for my mother to come live with us. I am hoping they can put the add on somehow off the back there so she can have a view of the garden and fields.  Our progress on the deck…  You can see it’s coming down…. Mom, if you are looking at this, they would probably put an add on to the back where the three windows are. We’ve had two no shows with Contractors so I’m a bit frustrated. One of our fields, looking South from the deck side that Matthew was tearing down. We have BIG plans for this field to plant an orchard of apricot trees, apple trees and blackberries along the fence. See this white building that’s leaning? It was in terrible shape so Matthew took this down already too. All by hand.

He shared that his next project is to get rid of the little silo and greenhouse. The greenhouse is in bad shape and the silo is well…. not too pretty. The old barn is in great shape though!

Some of our 30+ acres extends to that back treeline. There are two ponds back there… one with fish, but I just see a bunch of frogs.  : )  This green, grassy area my husband has mowed and we’ll probably put chickens or turkeys here one day. More of our property, looking North. It extends all the way past the wheat colored field to where it’s green as our neighbors are growing soybeans there. Zooming in… They found me taking pictures… you little critters.  : )  So, of course I had to take pictures of them! Matthew ElisapupHannah Tabitha Anna Cute boy, again.  : ) Here’s two close ups that you asked for, Elizabeth A.  : )    Our pretty garden.  We’ve had tons of tomatoes so far so we’ve been eating some homemade pasta dishes. By the way, I didn’t gain a pound on our entire move last year. Still trying to figure that one out.  ; ) Lots of collards in between the planter boxes here…. I love collards. Pretty, green tomatoes. We’re working on the house this year but I can’t wait for next year to start some real gardening (though my husband is the gardener). I feel like we have so much to look forward to here. It feels like the year of Jubilee to us.  : )

5 thoughts on “Our New Home in Missouri – Part III

  1. LOL! When I saw the first picture of young Matthew I said “There he is!” :o) So handsome! Now where’s Benjamin!! The girls are beautiful!
    Oh my goodness where was Matthew (senior) when we paid $7,000. to remove every single building off our land??!! Goodness he’s fast and he does wonderful work!
    Do you have pumpkins? I love pumpkin. The tomatoes make me so hungry. A sliced tomato sprinkled with garlic and mozerella cheese is often my dinner!
    Our conrtacter pooped out on us this year. He left 3 serious things undone. Tom drove to his house and he still hasn’t come back. :o(
    I’m so happy for your mom coming! Praise God!
    ((((HUGS)))) and all our LOVE with prayers

    • No pumpkins this year. Do you have pumpkins? If so, do you have the pie pumpkins? I didn’t know there was such a thing but when a retired co-worker shared that with me about the pie pumpkins, we had to try them. They are so much better than the regular for pies and pumpkin bread, etc…. I miss all that good cooking from the farm. I think in the next 3 years or so we’ll be back in the swing of things with farming and bringing it to the table. But, for now it’s the house and trying to find a contractor. We just had some nice neighbors stop by for a visit this evening and she shared about checking with someone at the lumber store 12 miles away. That’s the second person who’s shared with me this week so maybe that’s who we need to contact. : ) I’m sorry you are having troubles with your contractor. I hope Tom is home by now! 🙂

      • Too funny! LOL! I meant the contractor didn’t even come back after Tom drove 12 miles (from our acreage) to his house! :o)
        No, no pumpkins here………….someday!
        Yes I knew about pie pumpkins. My Grandpa told me when I was in my 20s. He brought me field pumpkins from his families farm (he was my step grandpa). What did I know! I baked them for hours! We ate them and THEN he tells me they aren’t good for pies! LOL! Now I no longer care! LOL!

  2. I see all the great potential and dreams you have for your new home. We are doing so many projects right now as well. We are trying to get some major projects done and everything fixed or ready for easy maintenance. We want to get all this done in the next few years and definitely before retirement. 🙂

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