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This post is actually for my mother so she can see pictures of what prefabricated tiny homes are offered in El Dorado Springs. She is planning on moving out here soon. This morning our family went to the office and then the work site to view some homes they are building. I thought I would share so I don’t have to bog down her e-mail with pictures.  : ) 

Inside the office of a 17′ x 50′ building. They can only go to a 16′ width for transportation. Mom, let me know if you like this style of ceiling or the one on the pink house ahead. They can do this ceiling in the pink house style as well that you will see. 

The two windows together make it look more open. 

Outside of the office… 

There’s a skirt under the house so you don’t see the blocks it is on. We are going to have it put on concrete slab.

We have 4 poles staked in for where the concrete will go here… that’s another post. Isn’t the land pretty right next to our home?

Here we are at the site where they build the homes, about ten minutes from the office. An Amish worker is talking with Dad. He shared about a home that’s being built that would fit the description we are looking for… a 40′ x 16′ structure that a woman wanted painted in Pepto Bismol pink color. We love this house and think Grandma will too (except the color).

Here’s the pink structure. I’m sure Grandma says she doesn’t like the color. She can pick what she wants.  : )

I like that she can have a side door so she can come visit and we can go visit her or her grandson can take out her garbage. This might be a nice model to duplicate somewhat. See the pretty skylight type windows on the top? Matthew thinks it might only be another $500 for them. We’ll have to ask.

The pictures don’t do justice to the size of it. I was thinking the side door would go on the other side towards our home with the skylight over it. the bedroom in the back and bathroom in front of it accessible from her room and the living room where Elisabeth is walking.

They have a loft on both sides that she might want removed so she has a more open look. You can go this style of ceiling or the one in the office pictures earlier.

The kitchen/living quarters… maybe one less window for more wall space? Or maybe grandma wants the extra windows.

The plan would be opposite with the side door to the left as it would face our home. Maybe a utility closet with bifold doors with a washer and dryer just before you go in the living room/kitchen area?



Trying to figure out floor plans but Ken will do the framing so we can actually do more then. It would still be good to figure out where to have the windows. Grandma’s bedroom where this first window is… bathroom where the next window is, utility closet just before the other window on the other side?

A good size bathroom (bigger than ours), can go where this window is. Maybe they can make the window go a little higher?

The ceiling… do you like this ceiling open without the lofts? As you can see, it has a nice pitch to it, not like a mobile home.

You mentioned maybe having a french door to to out… maybe here.

Bedroom and bathroom? Utility closet around where I am standing?

Little dining table where it looks like Hannah is doing a curtsy?

Matthew and Ken will be doing all the flooring, drywall, etc…. Ken will do the electric from the electrical box that a master electrician will be doing from the electrical pole. We’re still waiting on his quote.

Matthew is impressed with the construction for a shed/structure building place. He shared that it’s more towards house quality. The woman with this pink house must think so too. You can get this type and size of a structure for around $12,000 delivered and set up.

With this style, Ken will have to build a porch. If you buy one with a porch, it will cut into your space a bit. Let us know what you think?

6 thoughts on “Grandma’s Home

  1. Hi Hadassah and family,

    Lovely home for grandma and the kids look so awesome! I miss you all and pray that you be well and happy. Please, tell the children that Katira (white little Pomeranian doggie,) James Bond, (the kitty,) Maggie, and Rex miss them so much and send their love and licks.



  2. I am so excited for your Mom! The “tiny” house reminds me of when our garage/lodge areas were roughly enclosed off from each other. And I started to “see” where everything would go. Because we downsized it all fit beautifully into place where I’d hoped! I had sliding glass doors replaced with french doors. We love them but don’t have screens :o( The only surprise was the “living room” ended up in the center because we have no walls, and its huge :o)
    My grandma had a pink house. I don’t think that siding “takes” the pink color well. I wish I could remember what my Grandma’s siding was? Slate?
    Anyhoo I was glad we all get to see your Mom’s new home!! :o)
    (((HUGS))) and prayers

    • Thank you Elizabeth and thanks for bearing with my slow reply. We’ve had contractors, electricians and plumbers and foundation pourers out here the past couple of weeks. We are getting so close to the go ahead now. I even had to make a house plan, it has taken weeks to do. It’s not easy! But, I feel so good about it. So neat to hear about how everything worked out for you all. Somehow it all comes together and what doesn’t work you just make work. : ) I hope you all are doing well. I miss talking (writing) with you and Susan… we’re all in a busy season again aren’t we? Bless you my friend. You are often in my thoughts.

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry Elizabeth. I wish I were nearby to lend you a hand or take some kids over to our house. Of course our kids would love to play with yours. Are you sick or just dealing with other health issues that we get as we get older? : )

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