The Most Peaceful Blog

I came across this blog a year ago or so. Unfortunately, Mia isn’t blogging on it anymore but it is still a place you enter into just scrolling down the very first page, that makes you not want to leave. If you are a woman, this blog will allure your heart back to the beauty of the feminine ways like nothing else can.



3 thoughts on “The Most Peaceful Blog

  1. THANK YOU!! for sharing that link! My sweet Grace (27 and married) can in many ways really to and enjoy the beauty of this precious Christian woman! She has no babies yet, but I’m so encouraging her to stay home with them! :o)
    (((HUGS))) and LOVE

  2. Great to hear from you! Hope the children are very happy and healthy. Rex and Maggie send their licks and kisses and we all hope to see you again, soon!

    Lots of love,

    Sussan and the furry family J

    • Thank you Sussan and the furry family! : ) We’re all healthy now after a nice bout of stomach sickness… us too! How’s the weather been? I saw it was 90 the other day where you are at… what a surprise and such a change from when we left. : )

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