Good on the Appraisal

The house had a good appraisal. We should be closing on June 15th…. we’re getting close!

I found a website (one of many), in which I was able to put in some numbers. I found that if we add only $200 a month towards our new mortgage payment and once a year, so what we call a fasting month in which we pay $4000 extra, we will have our home paid off in only 13 years!


The Most Peaceful Blog

I came across this blog a year ago or so. Unfortunately, Mia isn’t blogging on it anymore but it is still a place you enter into just scrolling down the very first page, that makes you not want to leave. If you are a woman, this blog will allure your heart back to the beauty of the feminine ways like nothing else can.




Staying in the home we’re in, we are only on cell phone mobile service with a hotspot for our other computers (no internet here). I am not able to load a lot of pictures due to using too much data so I am unable to do much of a blog post. We are buying a home here in Missouri for $150,000 on 34 acres. It is a 3 bedroom, one bath with a good attic, central air and heat, barns and outbuildings and in wonderful shape. We’ll be adding a bathroom, mudroom and bedroom in the next year or so. Our closing date is set for June 14th.






We will be in Northern Arkansas for a week later this month as they had this home we’re in reserved for that time. They do have internet there at the home in Arkansas so maybe I’ll be able to do one last catchup post before we get into our new (1904) home!    : )  The kids are doing great. We’ve had some wonderful fellowship with our friends already and are going to a homeschooled graduation party this Saturday.  : )