Our Drive to Houlton, Maine

Two days after the snow storm, we drove up to Houlton, Maine. I mostly took pictures of beautiful homes along the way. It was beautiful drive. p1040025-001Starting off on our drive on Highway 1, the coastal drive. p1040030-001The Red Sleigh ahead… one of the many cute shops along the way. p1040032-001p1040035-001What a beautiful home. Many homes still have their pretty Christmas wreaths on their doors or windows. p1040040-001p1040041-002This home is pending in Robbinston, Maine… 39 acres, the home and barn for only $85,000. No kidding!p1040044-001p1040048-001A hotel in Robbinston, Maine. p1040059-001p1040069-001Coming into Calais… Our girls love the looks of these homes. p1040070-001

p1040079-001Pretty scenery somewhere around Cary where they got around 30 inches of snow two days before. p1040081-001p1040084-001Such a beautiful home but something was just off about the picture. I did a editing job and now it’s even prettier. p1040086-001p1040091-001Getting out of the woodsy area and into the farmlands of Aroostook, County. The most beautiful place we’ve ever seen! p1040095-001Lots of salt/chemical on the roads makes it pretty clear. p1040097-001Beautiful, quiet Maine. It just feels different here. p1040099-001p1040101-001The colors of choice for the homes are very pretty. p1040103-001I love the greens, yellows and pretty red homes all about. p1040105-001Since moving here, we have found that people leave their keys in their cars with the motor running while they go grocery shopping, to the bank and the post office. It is very safe here and people trust one another here. Where else are you going to find that?p1040106-001p1040107-001p1040108-001Coming into Houlton, Maine. p1040109-001I wish I could have gotten a picture of the home on the sharp right. It reminds me of the homes in my mother’s old neighborhood in a suburb of Seattle – Magnolia.p1040112-001A couple of the shops across the street from where we had to stop. Not like the buildings in downtown Houlton but still kind of special.

Recap of Our Blizzard Last Week

p1030909 Hannah standing in the door to show the depth of the snow in right proportion. p1030911 Snow rising up before the windows… p1030912 p1030913 Getting higher…p1030914

Dad doing his morning Bible lesson with the kids. After this we did puzzles all day. This is our little rental for now. If you are new to our blog, we sold our home in Washington state last October. We are in Maine now.


It’s getting higher….  Look at how high it is to the light switch. Yes, it was above our heads. This is called snow drift. Our driveway didn’t get this. p1030944p1030951

The next morning, Pup wanted to shovel the snow. She’s standing the front door. Some of the snow drift, drifted away throughout the night by the high winds.p1030956

Still pretty high though!  : ) p1030961

Matthew walking outside the windows. p1030963

Elisabeth attempting to shovel the entry way. We learned that you are supposed to shovel your walkway/entryway every couple of hours during a snow storm. p1030971 p1030974

I’m sure this is old hat to some of you Nor’easters, but we and our friends and family back west find this fascinating.  : )  This is what naturally piled up in front of the home.


Having fun.


She did it!!! p1030979

Miriam playing out in the pretty snow.

Eastport, Maine

The day after our good winter storm last week, I had to get a few things at the store in Eastport. Since we are actually physically just over the bridge of Pleasant Point, I have a few miles to drive to the store. Our driveway was snow plowed as it’s a part of our rental agreement so I knew I’d be able to get to the road. Sure enough the main highway to Eastport was already clear, though they were still working on many of the Eastport roads at 9:30 in the morning.

p1040021Beautiful Eastport….

p1040017Coming up a neighborhood road.

p1040011Somehow, this fisherman looks cold.  ; ) p1040010Downtown business district… p1040004Pretty, brick building on the left.p1030994Highway 190 on my way to Eastport. I put these pictures out of order. Pretty, yellow house on the left.

p1030982Just outside of our driveway. So pretty!