Pretty Maine Coast

p1030642 Some blue crab shells the kids picked up from the beach in front of our furnished rental. I wonder if the big ones taste as good as the dungeness from the west coast. p1030723A little snow blizzard we had the other day. It was 48 degrees yesterday with rain so it’s all cleared up. p1030730 Funny, the snow was less than an inch over the rest of the property. p1030734 The view from our back doors. p1030737 Pretty Maine coast. We are on the very south end of Pleasant Point, just over the bridge… in case anyone wants to look it up on Google Maps. p1030738 p1030747Pretty view

2 thoughts on “Pretty Maine Coast

  1. You are on the water again! :o) You seem to always be near such beautiful lake and ocean views!
    Since we moved to the woods after 26 years on the lake (summers), I think I prefer the woods without the water. ;o) The kids felt the same way too. Not that being on the water isn’t absolutely beautiful, but it didn’t suit our lifestyle!

    Its so cold here its been awful. Winchills -31. Too much snow to go check on the lodge up north. I think I’m done with winter! LOL! Next year we get a man to plow!
    ((((((HUGS)))))))))) Love and prayers
    p.s. click on my name here and it brings you to the new blog too.

  2. I love the beautiful views Maine offers. We would vacation in Maine every year when we lived in Upstate NY. We went to York Beach every year. It was breath taking. Quite chilly though. I am so happy you are enjoying your time there. God is so good. Praying for your friends son, Blessings!

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