Our First Days in Maine

When we first arrived in Maine, it was in the high 50’s, sunny and beautiful. Driving North to Bangor I was taken by the beauty and peaceful feeling that has continued to stay with me and Matthew. Our first night we stayed in a comfy hotel with a beautifully Christmas decorated lobby with dark woods, burgundy colors, and just the warmest inviting feeling of any hotel I had been in. What a first impression. I went to the store a few miles away and bought some lobster bisque soup, a blueberry bismark, some good cheeses and other special items for our dinner. We were tired of McDonalds.

The next morning we headed to our friend’s home in Princeton, Maine where we spent a couple of days and nights. We got to bunker down with them in a snow storm (as my friend Neysha put it)… it was fun to feel the warmth of the fire, enjoy fellowship together, coffee, the kids playing together throughout the house and watch the snow fall.

After a couple of days we came to our furnished rental. It had not been dewinterized so some of the children sat warm in the vehicles while they dewinterized it. It was 35 degrees in there.

p1030627 Cold and looking out at the pretty view. p1030629 The backyard viewp1030630 p1030631 The tide when it is out…p1030632 p1030633 p1030634 p1030635 p1030636 People who have stayed here for vacation… she wants us to put one up on Oroville, WA. I think we will. p1030637 A lobster boat?p1030640Trying to stay normal with homeschool.

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