Dear Friendships in Maine

I didn’t really have the time to take any pictures of our journey up to Maine as we were on the fast track. We left for Maine on Christmas morning at 59 degrees in Southwest Missouri and made it to Bangor Maine on the evening of the 27th. Going across the border of Maine from New Hampshire, it was 58 degrees. We had excellent weather… that’s why we chose to leave early on Christmas, so we can enjoy many more. ; )  Thank God the kids did great… very few problems other than sheer boredom.

p1030608Here they are running around trying to burn some energy at a rest stop. We may have been somewhere in New York.

f3dd8504ad0c2dea05be7a33916dc9f2 My dear friend Neysha and I. We’ve known each other for close to ten years. I just love her so much. p1030615

Neysha’s sweet son Bobby to the left is just dear to us. I remember seeing his pictures years ago when he was only eleven (he’s eighteen now), he was just starting to have major problems then as he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is degenerative to death usually in their 20’s. He has the sweetest smile and spirit and such godly character because he knows his time is short. His mother will oftentimes walk by his room late at night and see his light on with Bobby reading his Bible. He puts out a beautiful godly newsletter each month that is filled with the truth, the Lord and his heartfelt thoughts. One of the twins, I think it’s Tabitha… she always runs to Bobby to give him big hugs. She just loves him.  : )

p1030623 We stayed with our friends for a couple of nights while waiting to get into our rental. We weren’t able to get into our original one as they had the power go out and some pipes blew, but we are in one in Eastport, Maine right now that’s working out for us just fine. Anyways, here we are all together (some around the corner) after Neysha cooked all day long. She had the kids peel potatoes, make cinnamon rolls with her… I can’t remember seeing her sit at all but here in this picture.


The kids all went sledding the other day during another visit. One of her older daughters playing with Tabitha…


Great idea with the pool Neysha….

sled2Lots of the kiddos together. I think when we stayed a couple of nights we had 21 kids total under one roof. There’s only 14 here.  : )

3 thoughts on “Dear Friendships in Maine

  1. How wonderful! Such happy times with friends. I have been praying for your friends son and his whole family. I know it is hard at times. God is so faithful. What a blessing to hear how much he loves the Lord. Love all the pictures. Will be praying for you all. Blessings!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! So glad everything is going well. And no colds or sickness!! That’s always what ruins our fun! :o)
    (((HUGS))) prayers and Love!

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