Our First Days in Maine

When we first arrived in Maine, it was in the high 50’s, sunny and beautiful. Driving North to Bangor I was taken by the beauty and peaceful feeling that has continued to stay with me and Matthew. Our first night we stayed in a comfy hotel with a beautifully Christmas decorated lobby with dark woods, burgundy colors, and just the warmest inviting feeling of any hotel I had been in. What a first impression. I went to the store a few miles away and bought some lobster bisque soup, a blueberry bismark, some good cheeses and other special items for our dinner. We were tired of McDonalds.

The next morning we headed to our friend’s home in Princeton, Maine where we spent a couple of days and nights. We got to bunker down with them in a snow storm (as my friend Neysha put it)… it was fun to feel the warmth of the fire, enjoy fellowship together, coffee, the kids playing together throughout the house and watch the snow fall.

After a couple of days we came to our furnished rental. It had not been dewinterized so some of the children sat warm in the vehicles while they dewinterized it. It was 35 degrees in there.

p1030627 Cold and looking out at the pretty view. p1030629 The backyard viewp1030630 p1030631 The tide when it is out…p1030632 p1030633 p1030634 p1030635 p1030636 People who have stayed here for vacation… she wants us to put one up on Oroville, WA. I think we will. p1030637 A lobster boat?p1030640Trying to stay normal with homeschool.

Pretty Maine Coast

p1030642 Some blue crab shells the kids picked up from the beach in front of our furnished rental. I wonder if the big ones taste as good as the dungeness from the west coast. p1030723A little snow blizzard we had the other day. It was 48 degrees yesterday with rain so it’s all cleared up. p1030730 Funny, the snow was less than an inch over the rest of the property. p1030734 The view from our back doors. p1030737 Pretty Maine coast. We are on the very south end of Pleasant Point, just over the bridge… in case anyone wants to look it up on Google Maps. p1030738 p1030747Pretty view

Dear Friendships in Maine

I didn’t really have the time to take any pictures of our journey up to Maine as we were on the fast track. We left for Maine on Christmas morning at 59 degrees in Southwest Missouri and made it to Bangor Maine on the evening of the 27th. Going across the border of Maine from New Hampshire, it was 58 degrees. We had excellent weather… that’s why we chose to leave early on Christmas, so we can enjoy many more. ; )  Thank God the kids did great… very few problems other than sheer boredom.

p1030608Here they are running around trying to burn some energy at a rest stop. We may have been somewhere in New York.

f3dd8504ad0c2dea05be7a33916dc9f2 My dear friend Neysha and I. We’ve known each other for close to ten years. I just love her so much. p1030615

Neysha’s sweet son Bobby to the left is just dear to us. I remember seeing his pictures years ago when he was only eleven (he’s eighteen now), he was just starting to have major problems then as he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is degenerative to death usually in their 20’s. He has the sweetest smile and spirit and such godly character because he knows his time is short. His mother will oftentimes walk by his room late at night and see his light on with Bobby reading his Bible. He puts out a beautiful godly newsletter each month that is filled with the truth, the Lord and his heartfelt thoughts. One of the twins, I think it’s Tabitha… she always runs to Bobby to give him big hugs. She just loves him.  : )

p1030623 We stayed with our friends for a couple of nights while waiting to get into our rental. We weren’t able to get into our original one as they had the power go out and some pipes blew, but we are in one in Eastport, Maine right now that’s working out for us just fine. Anyways, here we are all together (some around the corner) after Neysha cooked all day long. She had the kids peel potatoes, make cinnamon rolls with her… I can’t remember seeing her sit at all but here in this picture.


The kids all went sledding the other day during another visit. One of her older daughters playing with Tabitha…


Great idea with the pool Neysha….

sled2Lots of the kiddos together. I think when we stayed a couple of nights we had 21 kids total under one roof. There’s only 14 here.  : )

Pittsburg Missouri

Finally, a post. I’m a bit behind so I’ll try to keep this brief so we can get caught up. p1030525

When we arrived in this tiny home in Pittsburg, Missouri, we felt right at home. The home sits on 3 lots and is in a location that is frequented during the summer but is very quiet during the winter. It was in the 70’s and 80’s when we arrived on November 28th. p1030526

Here the kids are playing in the leaves in the backyard. p1030523

Big, huge piles of leaves…. p1030515 p1030536

Enjoying lunch outdoors… we considered barbecuing, it was that nice out! p1030557

The three little’s fanning their toes…


All cozied up in a king size bed. I took this picture of them in the morning.  p1030549

Somebody else is sleeping…


Now he’s waking up.


I came out of the bedroom after taking a nap and saw them putting together a puzzle. I can’t tell you the peace we felt here after the hard month in Topeka… this place was a bit smaller but so very peaceful for our souls. It was so very quiet here… it felt like home.


Sweet picture…


… and we can’t forget Elisabeth’s picture she drew of her and Hannah having a tea party. We visited some good friends who’s kids invited them for a tea party.  They played all day long nad we enjoyed our time with our friends. Unfortunately I didn’t want to impose with my camera the first time and then when we met again, I forgot to bring it.  : (  p1030592

On Christmas Eve some very special friends came to visit us… Lloyd and Judy. She found our blog about 3 years ago, we have written and spoken by phone these past few years and now finally got to meet! They are from Kansas City, Missouri but are originally from this area so they had no troubles finding our home.  : ) p1030597

We enjoyed our time with them so very much and can’t help but have a deeper love and fondness for them. If the Lord had us live in Missouri, I’d live near them in a second. : ) I am so grateful for meeting Judy, she is dearer to me now that we have met in person. My regret is that we didn’t meet up earlier when we were in Kansas as they offered for us to stay with them for a bit.