Real quick…. we are in Maine and spent three wonderful days with our friends (spent the nights too… I think it was 21 children all together).  We are safe and sound but due to some unfortunate circumstances with some pipes that blew in the home in Lubec, we’ll be getting into a different home tomorrow in Eastport (on the coast). We’ll share lots more once we get settled in as they have free internet there as well.

Syracuse New York

After last week’s scary weather we decided to take advantage of good road conditions and good weather. We left yesterday morning on Christmas day for Maine from Pittsburg, Missouri. We are now in Syracuse New York! Imagine that!!! Yesterday and today it was around 60 degrees in Ohio. Today in New York it was still in the 50’s, tomorrow it will be 51 degrees in Boston, MA and 45 degrees in Portland, ME. One more long day of driving and we’ll be nearly there. We should be arriving in Lubec, Maine the day after tomorrow around lunch time. I have some good pictures from Missouri and now a couple from our drive here. I will be catching up with pictures very soon.

Susan…. I was thinking of you today as I know you were born and raised North of here and always speak of fond memories here. We have enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful farms out here.   : )