The Holy Word of God

What I meant by our “Last Washington Post” is that I probably won’t put up anymore pictures from Washington. The appraisal went through last week so we should hear on a closing date any day now – most likely we’ll be moving next week. We are almost there….

Also, I put up a new post on Harlotry in the Church:  It is in regards to the Apocrypha – the part of the Bible that Jesus and the Apostles read and taught from. Please be open to the Lord about it and don’t be too quick to dismiss what has been a part of the church and Jesus’ teachings until lately. Do some study on church history yourself if you are feeling restless about the topic. You’ll be surprised about what you find. We cannot continue to lie down in our ignorance.

Last Washington Post

While I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for the closing date, I thought I would post our last post from Washington State… unless I sneak a few of Benjamin since he’s changing so fast.  : )  Many of these are about a month or so old.


Daddy getting honey from his hive… p1030191 p1030181

Just beautiful and so fragrant. p1030195

Pretty beeswax…


The wax processed.  It smells soooo incredibly good. p1030169

Someone’s eating strawberries. p1030173

Miriam on her 5th birthday last month. p1030174 p1030176

The girls got sick from going to the hospital last month for Benjamin’s MRI. We all got sick and stayed sick for several weeks. p1030177 Laying in Momma’s bed!


The kids cutting strawberries for Miriam’s birthday cake.


Pie pumpkins… I made some good pies with these.


Leah with a very messy face.


Our new head coverings from Amazon. They are only $8.00 a piece. They are called Peppercorn Kids Head Scarf in case anyone is interested. p1030295


Before Benjamin’s haircut. Oh, how I wish we didn’t cut his sweet hair. I miss his little baby look. I am growing it back. I’ll never cut it again.  ; )


He did very well.


All grown up looking (sniff, sniff). p1030255


Working on your standing after seeing the therapist… he is now crawling everywhere at 14 months. Isn’t that wonderful? p1030287


Your smile looks like my first from 28 years ago… I feel a mix of love and sadness.


The twins brushing each other’s hair and being silly. p1030271 p1030270 p1030269


Why we finally get to move.  : )  : )  : )

Update – Tomorrow

Update – Truck scheduled for the 28th but it looks like it will be put out again as we haven’t heard what the appraisal is yet. He did come out and do the appraisal and said he’d submit it to the bank Monday or Tuesday at the lastest… we think it’s held up at the bank again. Will keep updated… Things are still moving…

The Appraiser is coming out tomorrow  (Thursday) at noon. Yeah! The buyers are already approved for the loan so the rest of this should go very quickly. The inspection is complete, the 4 way water test came back perfect, the house is clean and packed and everything else is in order. We have the truck scheduled to come out on the 23rd, we hope we can stick to that plan and not have to postpone it again. Either way, things are going to move quickly now… due to many troubles the buyers had with the bank, they have been pushed to the front and are getting full attention and indemnification for their troubles.     : )

Still Waiting…

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick…. Proverbs 13:12

We’re still waiting for a call from the Appraiser to come out. It’s been 8 weeks since the Purchase and Sales agreement has been signed and we are wondering if somehow something went amiss at the bank regarding the request going out for an Appraiser. There’s nothing we can do on this end but wait. It’s hard. We’re packed, we’re ready to go…. sigh. We know the buyers are anxious to get into the home as they have already moved up here. I’m sure they are trying to figure out what it going on with the bank as well. Maybe it won’t be too much longer.