Benjamin’s MRI

We are still at the hotel, we will head home back tomorrow. Here is the after visit summary from the MRI for Benjamin:

“Benjamin has developmental delay and hypotonia. He is unable to crawl, pull to stand, and does not bear weight on legs easily. He babbles but does not say any indicative words. To move around, he will scoot backwards across the floor. He does not point to indicate what he wants. No family history of developmental delay of behavioral problems. 

On preliminary review of the MRI there does not appear to be any definite abnormalities with no signs of white matter disease that would suggest cerebral palsy. I feel that he has developmental delay and hypotonia which may be transient or may indicate long standing developmental concerns. Some individuals with Autism can present early with this type of delay, but he does not have specific features of diagnostic of Autism at this time.”

So, that’s good news that he does not have cerebral palsy. We are happy! They did take some blood work however to check for Muscular Dystrophy. When we are in the clear there then I will be even more relieved.  : )  Thank you all for your prayers. I’m sleepy so that’s all for now. 





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