Updates… and We’re Moving!

I didn’t realize that I haven’t even come on here to share that Benjamin’s appointment for the MRI is on August 10th. A lot has been going on here, good and bad, so I think you will understand my absence lately.

Benjamin – We came to a beautiful place of rest with Benjamin after a few days or a week. When I was pregnant with him early on, I kept sharing with my husband Matthew, “Don’t be surprised if we have a disabled child.”  My husband can vouch for this.  ; )  For some reason I felt the Lord was preparing me for this and I came to a place where I thought it would be a benefit to our family and our lives more than anything else. When the ultrasounds showed him to be perfectly formed and the tests showed no sign of down syndrome, I supposed that maybe I was just thinking that up. So, it really doesn’t come to a total surprise that something is wrong with Benjamin. His cognitive development seems pretty normal and that’s all that matters to me…. I need a relationship with him whether his legs work or not. I know that sounds silly but that’s what’s important to me. I have a couple of friends who have children with cerebral palsy and while there are different degrees and types of cerebral palsy, their children who have hypotonic CP (which is what Benjamin has if he has it due to his floppy tone in his legs), their children were walking before the age of two and most can hardly tell they have CP other than a slight limp or something.

So with Benjamin it is not as hard as we thought it would be in the beginning, what was and is hard was that my health took another turn on July 7th. I walked into my bathroom to throw something away and as I turned around to come out, everything started to spin so bad and slow that I had to lay down. I remember putting my hands forward. I don’t remember falling. Hannah called to me a few times after she saw me fall and when I finally responded and told her to get Dad. She shared later that I was shaking on the floor after I fell. Matthew drove me to the ER while our dear neighbor came over to watch the kids.  They hooked me up to monitor my heart. It was skipping beats so much I couldn’t talk at times and my resting pulse was high.  He thought I had a case of tachycardia. They didn’t know if my fall was heart related or if I fainted or had a seizure or what. The ectopic beats were only PVC’s so they sent me home after a couple of hours and set me up on a holter monitor the following week to check my heart. It came back normal. Going back… they did do a CAT scan on my head and didn’t see any tumors either. I am supposed to see a  neurologist now for an EEG and MRI but the appointment isn’t until October…. we can’t do that because we are moving.

Moving now? Yes, can you believe the timing of it all? We seriously considered pulling the home off the market but we had just had some people look at the home before all of this happened. We then thought that since all of the important appointments are 4 1/2 hours away in Spokane, it would be better if there is a problem with Benjamin that he needs further evaluation or me with the neurologists that we can head to Kansas after the closing of the home and be hours closer to a big hospital. The University of Kansas City Hospital has 34 neurologists alone! The timing of this could really be wonderful. We just can’t keep going to Spokane for serious appointments anymore, it’s really just too far.

Next, in the middle of the purchase and sales agreement to our home, we found the dishwasher had a small leak as we had found a couple of bubbles underneath the vinyl when we pulled up the rug. Our insurance deductible is too high so we are having to pay for this ourselves.  : (  It is hard. We just painstakingly did without since November to pay off so much debt…. $14,000 – beans and chicken is what we’ve lived on for dinners. We only have one last payment of $700 and so this is very, very hard on us. My poor husband has been working on the floor for days now. He’s tired but he’s cheerful. I love him so. We pulled up most of it in a day. I cut the vinyl and he pulled up the pressboard underneath. They shouldn’t have had pressboard in a kitchen as it expands when it gets wet! He wants to do the job right so it was a labor to get down to the original wood. Matthew has laid tile and wood floors, tiling in kitchens and done roofing for years in his own business before we got married so he knows what he is doing. We had some professionals come out and look at the water damage and check the moisture in the wood with a hydrometer. They set up hot air blowers for a few days and they finally came out today, were satisfied with the results and patched up the drywall on the ceiling in the basement. They did an excellent job – excellent. Matthew is nearly done prepping the floor now so he can start to lay the bamboo flooring tomorrow. It is so pretty that I told him to keep a piece that’s left to take with us  as a sample for our next home one day. So, please pray for my husband as he finishes the prep work and starts laying the flooring tomorrow. I’m washing dishes by hand but not too many…. lots of paper plates and sandwiches and crackers, cheese and salami and fruits. We don’t want to put the table up again so we just disassembled it for the move. The kids eat on a small table in the bedroom and on some desks we around…. sometimes just the floor.

We’re all getting by okay. I am feeling well now, pretty good on the energy, happy and optimistic. I’ve been taking some adrenal cortex from Swansons Vitamins and I think it’s been helping. The kids are enjoying their break from math.  : ) and we are just so happy that we are moving. See, God does reward our faith and works when we do them. Often times we get ourselves into trouble (us buying a home that’s over our heads) but He shows us the way out. I knew, I just knew that when we paid off our debt we incurred by how the sale of our home went in Iowa and buying this home here that God would move us soon if we would just pay off our debt and here is the evidence of God’s work, the witness of how faith and works go hand in hand, how a little suffering in obedience is really the right way oftentimes (contrary to the teachings in the church today).  : )

So, please continue to pray for us. All of our dear friends you all mean so much to us. We love you all! You’ve shown us love, care and concern these past months and it’s been so good to our hearts. I will find a day to catch up on our pictures from a walk from a month or two ago… a cute video of the kids running around the tree on our property and then will blog when I can or share a quick update on Benjamin or the move coming up around the first of September. Take care, I hope you all are having a good summer and trying to stay cool.  : ) Talk to you soon! Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. I can’t believe you are moving! Have you sold? I hope you got a good offer! PRAISE God!! I am praying for your health. It can be so hard when we are not well. And yet it brings us so much closer to God, as we remember He is our only strength! :o) I am praying for you all as you transition through this. We moved our things from the Lake to the acreage last Spring. It was only 8 miles down the road, but a huge move! I look back in awe knowing God moved us. We hired movers to bring the heavy stuff. Truly it was too much for us at ages 58 and 61. But God is so good! And I don’t know how/why we are so Blessed! :o)

    • Thank you Elizabeth! Our closing date is the first of September so we’ll see when it actually happens. The Inspector is coming out on the 9th already. We offered to sell as low as we could as we have to pay off a second when we close. The offer came in low but we have enough to get back to the Midwest, as long as nothing else breaks. : ) We are using ABF Freight for moving again. They charge $1,500 to move the trailer across to Kansas… they were only going to charge us $400 a few months ago (when someone almost bought) for some reason, can you imagine that? We too are going to hire movers for when we load and then unload one day. It’s too much for us… we understand. ; )

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