Benjamin (Video) 12 Months

I just took this video of Benjamin today as he’s just starting to scoot around. My friend Susan has a therapist who works with her children and she offered to view a video of him playing in order to give us some exercises to help him along while we are in transition to move. The Birth to Three program was unable to assist us here in such a short time so we really appreciate that she will give us something to work with him. My friend also recommended a therapy type ball for Benjamin though we’ll have to wait until we get settled so we don’t have to lug that thing around with us in the truck. ; )

Our appointment is coming up on the 10th of August. I am getting nervous. I just know he has cerebral palsy (hypotonic), but it is still very hard to be confronted with it so soon. Another friend shared her son’s MRI as he has cerebral palsy. It was shocking to see how much damage there was. He had suffered a stroke while in the womb (as most babies do with CP) and had I not seen that picture, I would not have been prepared for what I may see on the MRI soon. While all of our attention has been on the upcoming move, the move is becoming very small again as the tenth of August approaches, and Benjamin’s condition is getting big again and unavoidable. I have feelings of sadness and fear in me for him. I can’t wait for this to be behind us (his appointment), so we can just focus on our son and not his condition. To me, his condition is part of who he is and God wanted him this way. It doesn’t really bother me much unless I am confronted with it from the medical or world’s view. In fact, he moves his arms and hands in a cute way that I think is common to children with cerebral palsy… it’s cute, it’s him, how can that bother me? I don’t know why, I’m not concerned about his future yet… maybe I’m naive or not thinking about it yet. I just feel like he’ll be okay (even when we’re gone one day) with all of his siblings there for him.  : )

He should be walking or crawling or pulling himself up now at 12 months  – this is where he’s at:  [youtube]


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    • Yes, it was a tough year this time last year… it seems to be a tough time again this time of year but I’m sure things will all work out. : ) Now I need to find my folder with Benjamin’s birthday pictures.

  1. Happy Birthday!! Oh my he is absolutely adorable! I know our friend will have great ideas to help!

    Just thought I’d share- The PT we do here is pretty simple. We do hand over hand for everything that the child is not doing independently. We do it from behind moving their hands/legs with ours as if they are doing it. We move arms and legs in crawling, walking, learning to climb to a sit. We stood the boys to walk before they could. We “walked them to the table etc. Jakie put his feet on top of ours to “feel” his legs walk with ours. We stood behind the boys to walk behind moving their legs one at a time with ours in walking motion. We sit behind boys holding the spoon with them to eat until they get the motion down on their own.We did this with our Molly (would be 33 now) too.
    All of these things help the brain make a memory as the limbs go through the motions. Its absolutely amazing how after 2, 3 and now 4 years later they are doing these things with little effort! Eventually the brain memories and the child’s hard work combine to success! Praise God!

    ((((((HUGS))))))) and praying

    • Thank you for sharing this Elizabeth, that sounds great… all the hand in hand type training. I didn’t think about that. I know that every little thing can help. It makes sense that if the brain memorizes certain movements and gestures it will all come natural eventually. Thanks again, we’ll start implementing it where we can! I’m sure when he gets to the crawling stage, the kids will have him chasing them all around the house as they’ll be crawling with him. : )

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