A Bit of the Family

I am a couple of months behind with blogging but am venturing to catch up these next few days. These were taken in April/early May.DSC_0054-001Daddy drew this fish for Happy Hanni to color in. She loves it! DSC_0063

I think they both did a very good job together.DSC_0005Poor Elisabeth. This was 2 days after she hurt her arm on the trampoline by doing flips. They put it in a cast the following week and since these pictures are so old, she’s been out of her cast already for several weeks. She was in it for a month. Thank God after 2 days of having her arm in the sling, she bounced back and started having fun again, but in a different way… coloring and reading books. She never once complained and seemed very happy and content! We were really surprised. Now she’s back to riding her scooter and having lots of fun. She still has to wait a couple more weeks before she goes on the trampoline. We will get rid of the trampoline if there is one more accident. They are abiding by the rules now so we’ll see….  : )DSC_0020Matthew the farmer. He loves gardening with Daddy and loves all kinds of plants whether they be bean plants, cactus or tomato plants. He’s been wanting a Venus Fly Trap plant but they didn’t have any so we picked him up a cactus. DSC_0023

It almost looks native to his area. We have a few cactus up here in North Central Washington. The kids get  them stuck in their feet each summer.   : (DSC_0030Mr. Handsome – Daddy that is…   : )  Lots of little pictures of you here at 9 months old sitting with your Daddy.DSC_0027All curious.DSC_0024DSC_0037Mr. Blue Eyes. Things are a bit slow here where we live. We still have another appointment for him to go in (end of July) before his procedure for his eye ducts.DSC_0033DSC_0044Momma making some pretty curtains. I spied this fabric at Walmart many months ago while we were paying off our first part of the debt. After we paid off the first $5,000, we took a month off to restock and I bought this (God must have held it for me) to make some pretty curtains. I still have yet to buy a rod for it (after we pay off the rest of our debt in August) and I’ll take a picture of them then. DSC_0008…and more pictures of you little Benjamin! I couldn’t decide so I put them all up. You little cutie. DSC_0007DSC_0005DSC_0001Benjamin at 9 1/2 months old.

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