Urgent Request

My dear friend Susanna would like all of her friends to share about this little girl who needs to have funds raised for her adoption in the next ten weeks or she will be an orphan foreverhttp://www.indescribablegiftofjoy.blogspot.com/2016/04/race-to-china-2016.html

She has a family ready and willing to adopt her now, they are just needing the funds. Annie wheelchair

You can donate here.

If you cannot donate, please share the link above and pray, pray, pray. Thank you so much!


Mommy’s Birthday and the Garden

DSC_0126-001Momma just turned 46 recently.  DSC_0184-001The kids are giving me some special cards they made for me.

DSC_0185-001Sweet hugs…DSC_0175Making cookies for Momma…DSC_0172

DSC_0161 Beautiful scenery, we love the view up here more than the view of the lake. We love the country and the quiet, majestic beauty of it. DSC_0152This is the addition to our garden from last year. Our nice neighbors came and tilled this last year when I was pregnant with Benjamin. Now we get to work it. DSC_0141Dad transplanted strawberry plants so now we have around 550 strawberry plants. He transplanted raspberries, planted tons of spinach, collards and some other things… I’ll have to ask what else. DSC_0158Dad uses the sawdust that we had dropped off for free. He is using the “Back to Eden” Paul Gautschi method:  http://www.backtoedenfilm.com/ It has made our soil tremendously dark and rich underneath. DSC_0136DSC_0156 Dad and BenjaminDSC_0132Mr. Blue Eyes

Our Morning Walk

DSC_0020Usually when Spring comes, there’s a beautiful morning that beckons us to leave all inside and go for a long walk. This was just that day.DSC_0021Kids hugging Momma at the start of our walk. DSC_0028Matthew all perky and cute looking… DSC_0030And here we go…

DSC_0035Little Benjamin (the kids call him Bon Joo Mon), looking back at something. DSC_0041Running ahead…DSC_0056Picking pretty flowers…DSC_0067Daddy and BenjaminDSC_0069Daddy and MatthewDSC_0076 DSC_0077 DSC_0080Little Leah showing her flower…DSC_0082 DSC_0086  DSC_0101Miriam’s pretty flowers…DSC_0108Resting under a tree before we head back…DSC_0110 DSC_0100

The Hannah Post

DSC_0099Our neighbors gave us this rooster a few months ago. DSC_0100He’s a handsome thing. DSC_0101The chickens found a way out of the coop so they are trying to round them all up. DSC_0103 DSC_0106Pretty Elisabeth.DSC_0075And here’s Mr. Handsome at almost 8 months old.  DSC_0074  DSC_0071Whatcha looking at little boy?DSC_0021Beautiful Hannah…DSC_0060The kids went on a spree of using tracing paper. I bought this roll of paper a couple of years ago for my dress patterns for the girls. However, I don’t like paper for patterns, I never have, so I am using muslim or another cheap fabric for patterns. It works great. So, the kids have been tracing things all winter long.  : )DSC_0067 DSC_0022Another picture with the same background but a prettier smile.  DSC_0023 DSC_0020 DSC_0019You kids are growing up!DSC_0031Pretty ElisabethDSC_0029 DSC_0037DSC_0041And here’s another one of Hannah. I guess we’ll have to call this The Hannah Post. Pretty girl.  DSC_0026Little Miriam… She loves to color and play on the trampoline.      DSC_0090DSC_0012We got a tiny duck egg. Usually they are pretty big but once in a while you get a small egg for some reason. DSC_0006The tiny duck egg, the regular duck egg and our hen’s egg.DSC_0055

I had to post each of these pictures so just bear with me. It was cold one morning so I found this hat on the floor and wrapped him up in a very special prayer shawl that my dear friend made for me while we were going through the high blood pressure, infected hand troubles after the birth of Benjamin. DSC_0054 His eyes look so perfect.DSC_0053 DSC_0052 DSC_0051 DSC_0050 DSC_0047The big kids still play with the little kids… maybe because you all are still little.   ; )


Benjamin 7 Months

Here are some pictures of little Benjamin taken in early March at about 7 months.DSC_0116The next picture is his sister Leah at 1 year old. I sometimes see a resemblance between a couple of the kids with their pictures and like to compare.  : )  017 (1)Maybe it’s just the two front bottom teeth… Leah here was a little crabby on her birthday almost 6 years ago. Benjamin has gotten a little (ahem) crabby too at times…. especially when you take something away from him. DSC_0119 DSC_0113 Looking kind of cutzt. We say that word a lot around here.  : ) DSC_0118  Well hello there! DSC_0115  DSC_0087 Here he is in fascination about the camera. You can see that his eye ducts have never cleared up. He will be going in next month to have the procedure done to open them up. Let me know if any of you have had to have this done. I would love to be reassured. DSC_0082 Wondering what the strange black thing with the light is that mommy is pointing at him. DSC_0084 Drooling, teething baby. DSC_0081Our dear son whom we love with all of our hearts. You have just taken us both with your sweetness. We love having a baby more now than we ever have… not because you’re more special than the others (though you’re precious), we’re just getting older.  : ) I never thought I would love babies so much as I do now. I was never a real baby person though I loved my babies dearly, but now I have the most tender spot in my heart towards babies… especially mine. Loving this blessing and trying to hold on to it as long as I can. I’m 46 years old today and there may not be anymore after little Benjamin.