I took these pictures about a month ago at 6 months so I suppose it’s time to post them. It’s funny how different the pictures of him turned out being that I took them the same day but in different locations. He just looks different in the last few. Benjamin is still not bearing any new teeth yet but that’s okay, I want him to stay a baby for a while.  : ) He is over 20 lbs now and starting to get a little cranky at times. We usually don’t see this until 8 months old but every baby is different. I’m sad to see the newborn stage go as I may never see this again with any of our own children but I delight in his smiles, laughter and love. He brings much joy to our home. We all love him dearly.

DSC_0164Pretty blue eyes… DSC_0163Beautiful white skin like your sister Leah’s. DSC_0155DSC_0151Still a quiet one. DSC_0142DSC_0135Getting kind of big! DSC_0113Daddy thinks you look like your uncle Mark in these pictures… some of the Italian in you coming out! DSC_0108DSC_0106DSC_0098Now we’ll have to catch everyone up on how big you are now.

7 thoughts on “Benjamin

  1. He is just precious! I know what you mean about cherishing this time. I never know when God has sent us our last child to raise, so I try to just bask in them when they first come as they grow. He is so sweet. 🙂

  2. My last one was heaven sent 12 years ago but I can still “feel” the fleeting moments of caring for him as a baby. :o) Mostly because since I was also raising my Grands Kitty then 6 months, Lysa 17 months and my Faith (adopted) was 3, my older kids had to help with those 3. So as not to burden them I took sole care of him. They were still upset that I’d had a baby when we were already so busy! LOL! Tom was just out of school as an Electrician and gave up working to help me with my job.

    Benjamin is a beautiful baby! He looks like such a “thinker”! Was Matthew Jr like that too? My Isaiah was an incredibly happy baby with me, and my daughter Grace.He just laughed all day long. Always a huge smile. But when he was sad – oh my he gets so sad it breaks your heart. He has a tender heart. I never wanted him to turn 12, well I never wanted any of my boys to turn 12. It’s the end of Mamma’s boy. The start of man hood. I really really miss my naps with him.
    Now you’ve got me started! LOL!!

  3. Well, it doesn’t sound like it bothered you a bit to take “sole care of your Isaiah”. : )

    I’ve never had a son turn 12 and wondered when the time would be when I would lose Matthew as a boy. I had a stepson but he passed away a few years ago. I remember when his voice changed, his looks, everything. I know all about girls though as my oldest are 21 and 27. I know about when to lose our Elisabeth as our child to an adult. Matthew can’t wait, I am dreading it. : ) I always tell him (because he’s so emotional and attached to the kids) that he will cry when they are older, he will miss them. He thinks he’ll be just fine as he says it will be another season in his life, but I know so because I know him well. ; ) It’s hard to see the kids transition from child to adult because you never get it back. It’s so hard. : ( Trying to savor every day and put aside my grumpy days the best I can. : ) It’s always nice to talk with you Elizabeth. : )

  4. There now, I’ve always maintained that your kiddos had some slightly Mediterranean features. Now I read that you have some Italian connections?? What a beautiful family you have… Just cherish each day as it is given you. My eldest will be 27 this year, she is married and has two little step-boys but you will still find us hiding under the table together or chasing each other down the beach! Life is what you make of it 😉 Then again, I may be nudging fifty but I am just a kid at heart! Big hugs, Sofia xx

    • It’s so nice to hear from you Sofia. : ) Yes, Matthew has some Italian in him. I’ll have to ask where exactly his grandparents on his father’s side is from. I am half Norwegian and the rest English, Dutch, French and German. So, the kids still have mostly Norwegian… we’re all a mixed bunch!!!

      I don’t know if 50 is what 50 used to be. I see the pictures of my grandparents when they were 50+ and their hairstyles and such made them look old, even in their 40’s. I’ll be 46 in April.

      I too have an older one, two actually. Christine will be 28 this year and Stephanie 22 next month. They live in Florida.

      Yes, I agree… life is what we make of it. I wish I knew this years ago. : ) It sounds like you are enjoying life, bless you! How’s your health?

  5. With a last name like Geraci you just have to be Italian!! ;o) My maiden name is McNary so that was a dead give away for me! LOL!
    Hadassah I lost your e-mail address :o( Can you e-mail me so I can have it again!! :o)

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