Another Birthday, Grandma and Baby

DSC_0006Here’s how much they love their grandma.  Some of the kids drew this last week. When I asked them about calling her name Pam rather than grandma, they shared that they weren’t sure exactly how to spell grandma so they wrote Pam.   : )DSC_0017Matthew watching me make cinnamon rolls for his 7th birthday.DSC_0031Playing with Benjamin while I’m finishing them up… DSC_0037Happy, Happy Birthday Matthew!!!DSC_0038Yum! Yum!  : )DSC_0018And look at who we have here…DSC_0029Getting to be a big boy at 4 months old. DSC_0042Every month brings about new changes with you so I have to include all your little cute looks that you have.  I think you are starting to teethe. You are a bit restless and cranky at times.

Little Sweeties

My husband has a dentist appointment at the VA four hours away in Spokane, so I thought it would be a good time to blog today.  : )


Elisabeth wanted to sew one day. She sewed all day long… little “specials” for everyone.  : ) DSC_0013

The twins ready to play with play dough. I moved my sewing table here out to the living room so they could start doing some homeschooling too.


Of course I had to sneak in a picture of you!!! Now I call him Mr. Special. DSC_0020

Winter is here as you can see by the fire in our fireplace.


Leah’s new birthday Giraffe from Grandma Pam! DSC_0030

Oh, how happy she is! DSC_0041

Big 6 year old with her Giraffee.


Just a few pictures from the past month. Trying to catch up…


Miriam sitting pretty…


As I shared a few months ago, anytime we have a new baby I can’t take enough pictures. They grow so fast. Here is Benjamin at about 3 months old (he’s 4 months now).  He’s in a very special outfit from a very special friend.  ; )


Cutie pie…

DSC_0057 DSC_0053

Kick and a kick…


The older I get, the more I value my babies when they are babies.


You are so dear to me.

DSC_0045 DSC_0032

Matthew feeding little Benjamin. Benjamin is down to taking only 8-12 ounces of formula a day now. For some reason my milk has come in more.  Each day I give him a little mix of kefir, coconut milk, cod liver oil, egg yolk, molasses, nutritional yeast and collagen (Great Lakes gelatin). It is “alive”with enzymes unlike powdered milk formula. There are several recipes online for homemade formula… many by Sally Fallon, and several made with coconut milk.

God’s Dream


I waited to post this post. We’ve been quiet on posting for a while and you’ll see why.

Last Spring we lowered the price of our home dramatically.  Though the Lord gave us a price to list our home 2 years ago, it was only for a time so He could do His work in us. We followed His leading last spring to lower it and leave with just enough money in our pockets to move back to the Midwest and start over. No paid off house as we had hoped for, but Mercy. Much mercy. As my husband shared, “We won’t go unpunished for buying this home.” As I shared with him month after month when something would break or go wrong that would require our very last money or what we had in savings or to go further into debt, that we were being chastised but that it was good because we are sons and not bastards (as the Bible says).

All of a sudden about 3 or 4 months ago it seemed as if the greatest part of our chastisement over buying this home was over. Nothing went wrong financially, nothing broke. I wondered….

We received a call a little over a month ago by some people who were interested in buying our home…..


Here the kids are waiting for our “guests”, the prospective buyers of our home.


Getting ready to meet them and show them their rooms.


All ready and they’re almost here.

DSC_0020 DSC_0027

Just before their arrival… the girls in new dresses that Mommy made for the Winter. Warm fleece dresses.

Unfortunately, it isn’t our time to move just yet. After a month of going back and forth and going through many trials on their end, they decided not to buy the home. I have boxes packed that I’m just not ready to unpack yet.  I’m having a hard time trying to get back to “normal” when my vision for the past 30 days has been our future. It just seemed to be the perfect timing and the perfect match for our home with these people. I bragged to our neighbors profusely about who their new neighbors might be. I was excited for them to move in, not just for us but for them. The good thing is that we made some new friends as they are Christians and very nice ones at that. We are going to stay in touch with them and hope the best for them and we are praying for them.  They never meant us any harm and did the best that they could with a lot of pressing circumstances coming from many directions. They are going through a VERY rough time right now and our hearts are sad for them.

So, “Our Dream” on the top tab of our blog is going to be changed shortly to “God’s Dream” for us as we now have a clear vision from the Lord now as to where we go from here one day when the home sells. We will buy a much cheaper home with a 10-15 year mortgage and try to pay it off a few years early by paying heavy on the front end. Though I am still a bit broken and discouraged, I have seen the Lord in this so much that I believe He will be moving us soon (up to 2 years). We still have debt to pay off (incurred from moving here) and somehow managed to put $900 extra towards it this month. We will be putting this much or more towards it the following months as I believe He may not move us until we are out of  debt. We should be out of debt by sometime next year around August/September by continuing to cut back drastically and put “everything” we can towards it.

So pray for us as your hearts are led my friends. This month really hurt.

**** I had to come back a couple hours later and add this. One reason why this situation was so dear to us is because of a dream my husband had. First, let me go back… The people that were going to buy our home put a verbal offer on our home. A couple of days later they wanted to look at two other homes just to be sure… they ended up putting an offer on another home. Of course we were disappointed but also happy for them. Some days later my husband had a dream that the home that they were going to buy fell through. It was impacting enough that he sat straight up in bed when he awoke from the dream. Days later, guess what? They called to tell us that the home they were going to buy fell through and that they were going to buy ours. We were so excited as you could understand. I even cried. So, that is why it is all the harder to understand why things went a different direction… But that’s okay, God’s timing is always perfect and we must trust Him. I still believe we will be moving soon.