Pictures – Part II


Hannah’s 8th Birthday. She received a special musical box from Grandma Pam. There were some special items in it as well.


Ice cream. I made a black berry pie but something happened to it… I either burned it or the oven did. My oven was locked up and the temperature was up to the highest with E-2 on the display. We did get to eat most of it after dinner though so we had double cream that day… ice cream and then whipped cream on our pie that evening. DSC_0009 DSC_0019

Elisabeth grew this tomato. I believe it’s called a Lemon tomato. They ate some with lunch on Hannah’s birthday. DSC_0020

After his baby bath…. All bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Pictures Part 1

In the midst of the fire situation here, we still led a pretty normal life. The best part of the past couple of weeks was that my mother came to visit us for 2 weeks. Now that she’s gone, there’s an emptiness in our home without her presence. I miss her dearly already. I did take pictures of her but she isn’t too partial about me showing them on the blog so we’re just keeping them as family pictures.  : )

Miriam’s Birthday –


Little 4 year old…. Since we have strawberries in the garden, we’re doing strawberry shortcake again. Grandma liked our strawberry shortcake. Of course, Miriam did too! DSC_0015

A wonderful gift from Grandma Pam. Special books for Miriam. She loves her little books. DSC_0024

Benjamin napping on Grandma Pam. All content and comfy. Grandma loved holding Baby Benjamin and I know she misses him already. It was precious to see how much she loved holding her grandson. She’d look and look at him like a mother would. DSC_0038

Three cute little girls. DSC_0041

Benjamin sleeping as all babies do…. DSC_0051

Our beautiful baby boy. I love this picture of him. He has a soft spirit about him. One thing I don’t want to forget about him is that his eyelids open and close very soft and slow when I am nursing him. He has a very quiet place about him, not all babies have this.   : )

The Fire


The Mask Family


Fishing in a smoke filled lake…DSC_0014

Our family of quail decided to perch upon the rail of our deck the other morning.

The fire is nearing Loomis, the closest town near us. Fortunately, the evacuation level has been downgraded from level 2 according to our neighbor.  It is not expected to burn down any structures there. It’s traveling at about a mile a day so I’ll be interested to see where we’re at in about a  week or so.


August 22:  New pictures from our deck as the winds shift our way from the South to the North:DSC_0005 DSC_0007

My mother and I drove down a few miles towards Loomis Road. Here is what we saw… DSC_0117 DSC_0119

Red flames just beyond the hills. DSC_0120 DSC_0121

We’re about 6 miles from our home taking these pictures. All highways are shut down around us. My mother was supposed to go back to the Spokane Airport on Wednesday but it looks like she’ll be staying with us for a while:

Good firemap information here: Sometimes the map doesn’t load.


Here’s a picture of the smoke rising up from the fire many miles away South of Tonasket. We are up several hundred feet from Tonasket and surrounded by mountainous hills so to see this even from our home is quite significant. I will take a drive and take additional pictures to add to this later. Last night the view portrayed an eerie color of orange. We felt so bad for the people down South as we heard the winds pick up.   : (


Smoke from our backyard view. This was a couple of days ago… It was worst yesterday.

Pray – Wildfires

Please pray for us. The wildfires in Washington are coming close to us. The very town where Benjamin was born (Tonasket) is under immediate evacuation. The town is only 17 miles from our home. The hospital cancelled my husband’s biopsy in Tonasket that he was to have tomorrow morning due to the evacuation. The person he spoke to on the phone said they could see the fire coming up over the hill. When I heard that, I started to cry. I don’t know how quick things will turn and if we will have to evacuate soon but we’d probably have to go to Canada as all of the highways are closed due to the fires. Our neighbors shared they have never seen such a thing here. We are nervous. My mother is visiting us and has Parkinson’s Disease and would need more medication mailed to her. She won’t be able to go home next Wednesday as the highway is closed and fires are burning on both sides of it. My husband is surprised that we still have phone lines. I apologize for not writing some of you back much lately or at all. Please pray for us. I am in shock that this is going on and has come to this. We’ll update when we can.