Update: 7/31 – 11:00AM:  Matthew will be coming home tomorrow. However, we aren’t out of the woods yet. We will be waiting for 2-3 days or so for the results of the lab to come back. They need to culture his blood to see if he has a bacterial infection in his blood. This is the hard part because if he has it in his blood it could take weeks or months of him being in the hospital 4 hours from home in order to treat it. It can be fatal too. Here’s an article I found recently about his condition:


He has cellulitus too:



Update 7:20PM: Apparently what my husband has, if treatment was delayed further it would have gone into his lymph nodes, then the organs.  It’s not the reaction to the sting, it is something that got into it that caused this. They are still awaiting labs to see if he has the infection in his blood.

Matthew is going to be hospitalized for 1-2 days with an IV with steroids, antibiotics and an antihystamine. He had a CAT scan on his arm and he has a severe infection and inflammation. They shared that another day would have been too late and he would have required surgery in Wenatchee on his hand and arm. When they took his shirt off, he had red/purple lines going from his hand all the way up to his shoulder from the infection. He has watery blisters and the colors of yellow and purple on his hand and arm. Thank God he is going to be okay.

I had Hannah make the toddlers sandwiches and she is more than willing to help. I had to increase my medication (after talking to the doctor again) as my blood pressure still is too high. Somehow we’ll get through these next couple of days. At least I have medication and kids that are old enough to help.

The doctor treating my husband couldn’t understand why he didn’t come in sooner. She soon realized while talking to me on the phone that she treated me two days ago in the Emergency Room and that he’s been taking care of the family and me. He could have gone in yesterday but I had an appointment with my regular doctor regarding my blood pressure.

Anyways, all is crazy here but all is going to be okay. I’ve been in tears of course but I’m trying to see the best in all of this. Thank God they don’t have to do surgery on my husband and he won’t lose his hand. Thank God I have some medication for my blood pressure and some older kids to help. Let’s keep praying though… maybe all of this will be behind us very soon.

Please Pray

We need prayers for the Geraci home. My husband is in the emergency room right now and I am supposed to be on bed rest. He went in for an appointment at 2:30 today for a simple wasp sting that has turned into a bacterial infection on his hand over the past 4-5 days. His hand is purple and his hand and arm have open blood spots on them due to the severe swelling. He couldn’t go in yesterday because of my need to be seen with the high blood pressure. The doctor shared that this is serious and he could lose his hand if he doesn’t get it taken care of and sent him to the emergency room. They are giving him an IV right now. I’ll update as to what this condition is with my husband as we find out more soon.

Postpartum Hypertension

I’ve been diagnosed with Postpartum Hypertension. The doctor explained that because I didn’t lose hardly any blood with my c-section, I am still carrying all this pregnancy blood while my body is going back to normal. I took my blood pressure 2 days ago and it was 167/92. It went up to 208/118 so I was referred to the emergency room where they did an EKG, blood work, urine for protein, etc…. All results were fine. No eclampsia – Thank God. They gave me something in the IV to lower my blood pressure and make me lose the excess water. I then saw Dr. Bradford yesterday and it was up to 200/100 again. I am now on Labatalol for 14 days and strict bed rest (so I will lose more fluid) until Monday. The medicine is a beta blocker and makes my mind feel a bit numb and tired. Since I need to stay in bed, I may not be able to be online much other than writing family occasionally. Thank God, I took my blood pressure the other day just on a whim or I could have had a stroke. I have had severe swelling in my legs for a week so I’m sure it’s been with me for a while. I’ve had lots to think about these past 2 days. I so value my life more now than ever (family and friends) and hope the Lord will keep me here for some time.   : )

I’ll catch up on pictures soon enough….

Our Birth (Love) Story


One of the most wonderful things to start off our birth story is our doctor and how he drove 30 minutes North to deliver our baby in another hospital and on his day off (we found out later). We are in awe that a doctor would go out of his way to even do such a thing. I shared with him many weeks ago that I would probably have to transfer to North Valley Hospital as our neighbor would be watching the children. We didn’t want to impose extra time on her though we know she loves kids and wouldn’t mind, we still felt it was best to come closer to home. The doctor told me he’d be happy to do the c-section at the hospital that I felt I needed to switch to. I was so happy because I really like our doctor. What doctor would do such a thing? We are just so grateful. I think of the verse about how the Lord sometimes allows us to find favor with men.

On the day of the delivery when they gave me a spinal it didn’t seem to be taking. As agreed previously, the doctor put me out under a general. I remember asking just before going out, “Matthew won’t be able to be in here with us, huh?” They shared, “Sorry, no.” Upon awaking, I found that they DID let Matthew come in. Listen to this, this is the best part of the story. He was holding my hand while I was out, and he was praying for me and the baby. All of a sudden my limp hand started to squeeze his hand very firmly and stayed on with a nice grip. He couldn’t believe I would squeeze his hand while I was under general anesthesia. You just don’t do that while under, it’s like you’re in a coma. It touched my heart so much when he shared this with me. I know our love for each other and our unity in Christ has brought us so close together that somehow this would happen supernaturally from God.

The baby came out fine and Matthew even got to cut the cord. They took pictures of this that they will send by e-mail from the hospital. The doctor did NOT have to do a hysterectomy. To the contrary, he shared I had a non-bleeding uterus. Unfortunately, I had the largest uterine window he has ever seen in his 30+ years of practice. He had the other doctor look at it with him. A uterine window is where you can see through the scar tissue (from previous c-sections) and it looks like saran wrap, you can literally see the baby through it. He shared that it would have ruptured in 2 more days. A rupture kills the baby in 10 to 15 minutes and I believe kills the mother soon thereafter too. It is rare but it does happen. God was with us. It looks like we are done having babies.

Matthew had to head home to care for the kids after I woke up. We were going to talk that night and they were going to visit the next day. A backhoe tore up some lines (phone, power and internet) that very day and we couldn’t not talk to each other until the next day when I got a hold of our neighbor to watch the kids so he could use their phone. Our neighbor really went out of her way for us as it so happened that her husband went to visit his mother in Western Washington and she passed away. Our neighbor was watching our kids and trying to take care of things on her phone on her end. : (

With my husband and my lack of communications for over 24 hours after the birth of our baby and not being able to talk about it with each other, we were love sick. We have spent nearly 10 years, almost every waking moment together as he is medically retired. When I got to go home the next evening after the birth, I never seen him so broken from missing me. He said his eyes hurt from missing me so much. When I got home he had three deep hearted letters laying around the house for me to find about how much he loves me. It touched my heart so much. Benjamin’s birth story reminds me of our love for one another more than anything. The love a husband and wife should share between each other especially under Christ as we are brother and sister too. Thank you Lord for using little Benjamin to show us how much we mean to each other. Our days go by and we take each other for granted. We take the beautiful things that God gives us for granted too. It’s good to see things from a different perspective sometimes.

Our Little Sunshine

Our little boy has a little jaundice as most babies do so we put him out in the sun for about 6 minutes a day as the sun is really intense up here. Here he is taking his little sunbath. It’s been in the 80’s and 90’s so it’s plenty warm for him. His skin (the yellowing) is looking good for day 4 when it’s usually the worst.