A Goose in the Tree

DSC_0019One morning the kids were eating breakfast and they shared with Matthew and I that there was a goose in the tree outside the window. DSC_0047Sure enough we looked out to see a goose in the tree up a good 30+ feet up. Something must have startled him to take such a flight.

DSC_0045He kept calling to his friends as if to think that they might come up there to save him. Then the kids shared a few minutes later that he flew down to the water.  DSC_0002Some of our eggs. When I went back to the Western side of Washington last year to visit my grandmother, she gave me a little money afterwards. The kids and I stopped by a farm and bought many Buff Orpingtons. They are a pretty chicken, beige in color and calm in temperament. They are also some of the best layers and a good meat eating bird. So far, they are my favorite chicken. We waited all year for them to start laying and they had just started getting into a good laying pattern when we decided to let them out to roam for the spring. The brisk cold was gone but that didn’t stop a hungry hawk or eagle nearby. We lost several birds and knew then that we couldn’t let them all out again so sadly we had to slaughter half of them. We can only build so much fencing for them to roam without getting eaten and knew that this was the best solution. : (  I have recently bought Aracauna chicks (ugly birds that lay blue eggs and not very often) as they were local and we also bought a bunny rabbit. I stopped by an antique store a few weeks ago and there was a box of beautiful bunny rabbits. I always wanted a bunny for Matthew and I – Oh, I mean the kids. ;  )  I’ll take pictures of him too as soon as my battery in the camera gets charged.

DSC_0067Trying out the office for home schooling. I have everything here… even the old school desks that we bought in Iowa so I thought I would try something new. We’ll either stay here or go back to the kitchen table. Whatever works best. I am still working out the home schooling. I think I will do away with the dictation and maybe go with English as it does require much writing, easy writing. I do like using the one curriculum and knowing what we’re all doing every morning. Mom and dad need it simple for us – and simple for the kids. Less complication, less fuss. I think we’ll have it all rounded out before Benjamin is born. DSC_0060

I’d like to buy four baskets to put in the bookcase to the right so that I can have each of their daily books and workbooks in each basket.


5 thoughts on “A Goose in the Tree

  1. Cute! Love the little desks! My kids have a table, a desk, and sometimes the work sitting on their beds!
    Darn about the chickens! Do you ever eat rabbits? We had thought of raising rabbits for meat.

    • We haven’t tried rabbit meat yet but would be willing. Do you like it? I know bunnies are great for reproducing, I was reading about them. We first need to put some gloves on and check if he’s a boy or a girl. : )

      • We have never eaten rabbits. We are looking for someone who eats them- LOL! We had friends many years ago who sold rabbits for meat but never asked them about it!
        I was just telling the kids today that “bunnies” bite! LOL! We’ll need gloves!

  2. Silly goose up in the tree. What a sight! My dad had a hawk drop a duck at his feet a few years ago. He startled it. It was up in a tree. When the hawk dropped the duck, the duck shook his head and flew away to freedom. Lucky duck. It is sometimes funny what we see when living in the country. Love the school desks. I am trying to simplify things around here as well. Much love and many Blessings!

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