Boy or Girl?

Well, I didn’t think something like this would happen at my appointment yesterday. My doctor who also performs the ultrasounds shared that he doesn’t normally do ultrasounds for gender before 20-24 weeks. He did see my disappointment and put the probe back on my belly to take a peek. He thinks we have a 70% chance at having a boy. This doesn’t tell us much as Matthew and I are black and white thinkers. So, hopefully we will find out on March 19th when I go in next.  : )

I did see what the doctor saw and it looks like boy parts, but it could be the cord too. He did share that he’s usually wrong when he thinks it’s a girl… so I’m still hopeful. I really want a boy and feel that this is a boy I am carrying. We’ll see though…. I guess we need to wait some more.  : )

I just had to add this picture I found last April. It is just beautiful and so touching. Though it could be a girl, I always saw this baby as a boy. Oh how my heart yearns for just one more boy.



Drop Box


A friend sent me this link this morning regarding a documentary of a saintly pastor in Korea who built a drop box in his church building where women could drop off their infants, rather than abandon them:

We don’t watch movies but I would love to see a true documentary on such a saint. What a beautiful and touching documentary. I hope that some of you can see this and can let me know how good it really is. Hopefully this will be available on Amazon Prime before long.

Here’s an article I found on this saintly man and what he is doing:

Next Week

I haven’t written on here as we have all been sick with a cold that just doesn’t seem to want to get better. I think I am getting better but it goes on day after day… It’s been probably 10 days or so. Hopefully soon…

We will find out the gender of our little baby next Wednesday in the afternoon. It’s funny but the importance of having a specific gender decreases as the pregnancy progresses and I feel the baby move. I shared this with my husband this morning and he shared with me that the importance has diminished for him too.  : )

If we have a boy, we’ll name him Benjamin Manasseh Geraci

If we have a girl, we haven’t settled yet but we do like the name Mary

So, I’ll update next Wednesday evening. Maybe by then I’ll be feeling well enough to do a post soon thereafter. I even got a picture of some of our little “sickies”.  : ) I hope everyone has been doing well.

One More Video

Here’s one more video of the kids, starting with Leah. I am not the best video recorder and do it pretty infrequently so don’t mind the quality. The videos do take up a lot of memory on the blog so I will just put one up occasionally and then remove them after a while.

[wpvideo cFrZp6sO]