Winter Hobbies

Our neighbors came to stay in their Summer home next to us for a few days last week. I just love my neighbor Elana because we have a lot in common when it comes to natural foods, herbs and such. We always are delighted to see each other and exchange good foods. She brought over some tallow from their cows. It has the most beautiful smell to it…. smells like the crispy fat on a good, cooked steak. It’s a very stable fat too. If you are one to think that it’s full of cholesterol that’s bad for you, you need to read “Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon” and “Real Food by Nina Planck”.  I won’t try to convince you, they’ll do a much better job than I could ever do.  : ) Any books by Mary Enig who is the top scientist on the study of lipids (fats) will really win you over.

Elana also brought over some fresh rosemary, some delicious salad greens, olive oil and some cheese that has a dark beer in it. It was very tasty. We ate it up for lunch that afternoon with crackers and fruit. Thank you Elana and Tim!  : )


 Beef Tallow


I taught the girls how to crochet a single strand. Now I’m trying to learn how to make a dishcloth so I can teach the girls. They crocheted chains a mile long in our home last week. They crocheted for hours. It was fun!

DSC_0021  DSC_0032DSC_0030

They’ve been doing water colors too!


Some pretty dishes I found at the thrift store the other day. Only $1.50 a piece by Homer Laughlin. The larger plate had the snowflake pattern in the middle at one time too… I can see traces of the gold color still residing in the middle.



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  1. I love baking and cooking from scratch with wholesome natural ingredients as well. Cooking from scratch really feeds a large family much more economically. i love cooking potatoes with duck or goose fat. I remember when my own mom taught me to do the single chain in crocheting. It was fun. We had miles of chain around the house as well. Once mom taught me how to build on that, I learned to make clothes for my dolls. I just sat around and made up patterns. The best of memories for sure. Love the plates! I go antiquing with my dad once a month. My husband keeps the children so I can have that one day totally away and spending time with my dad. He is a widower. We enjoy going so much and I find the best things and at such good prices. Always a fun time. Pray you are all doing well and keeping warm. I have the wood stove going pretty good today. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for sharing these tidbits of your life Susan. I love hearing about things from your childhood and where you are today with your father. I’m so glad you two are close and get to spend quality time together when you do. It is so good to hear such wonderful things in today’s world! : ) I’m glad you like some of the same kinds of food. You will be easy to please when I can finally meet you one day and bring you a little something. Hopefully, it will be soon.

  3. Your girls are so talented and learn these things so quickly! My girls gave up after their attempts at crocheting after they could not get their chain stitch even. I hope later they’ll try again. They (even Isaiah 10) were disappointed that they couldn’t make things immediately.
    Fresh beef tallow! YUM!! I’m drooling.
    I cook my potatoes in pork, beef and chicken fat with broth in my crock pot. (Susan I thought I made it up!) I am Type 2 now after years of endocrine issues made worse by the American Standard Diet. :o( I don’t eat anything “white” or processed and no sweeteners of any kind. I use almond and coconut flour.

    • Well, that’s kids for ya! ; ) Mine are that way in other areas as well. Oftentimes a lot will change in a year and they pick up interest again and stay with it. You already know this. : ) Print out some Thomas the Train coloring pages and they stay interested for days.

      I’m so glad to hear that you have discovered the good foods that contribute to better health too. Sorry it came too late as with many of us. I’m still trying to get away from white flour, though we mostly use it around the holidays for cookies, etc…. Soft white pastry flour is a good replacement but still has the higher carbs than your body probably needs. We mostly use stevia but once in a while sugar…. again, around the holidays. I just read that organic sugar is a 47 verses 80 for regular table sugar on the glycemic index. So, when I do use sugar I will use that from now on. I keep reading about coconut sugar but they say the fructose goes to your liver and converts to fat. But, maybe it’s still better. It’s rated at 33 or so. Do you know much about the coconut sugar? Any good recipes with the coconut flour? I made muffins with it once and the texture was hard to get used to. It’s still sitting in my cupboard. Still trying to switch over a little more here and there. I’m glad to hear you are on your way back to better health. I hope some of your endrocrine issues have been resolved. Maca is supposed to really help with the endrocrine system.

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