New Post

There’s a new post on a new page at the top of this blog called “Our Dream”,  that I will be leaving up because it’s our dream from the Lord.

I Think We Maxed Out Our Storage On WordPress…

It appears that we just maxed out our capacity on WordPress here. I am going to see what options we have so maybe we don’t have to upgrade to the $100 a year plan. It may be a few weeks… I was just about to post the cutest post about our turkey slaughtering day. See you all soon…. I’m not going anywhere, we just may need to wait until next month when we have more available funds to upgrade.


Well, it looks like we’ll have to do the $99 a year plan, but next month. I contacted and they shared that WordPress is unlike others who will release the FTP (whatever that is) in order for me to migrate the blog to a new one… I guess that’s how they get you!!!   : ) They’re pretty smart! Well, I’ll have to play catch up with pictures. I just took pictures of the girls sewing with their first sewing machine we bought them. It arrived today. I have a huge bin of fabric scraps (some quite large) that they can play around with over the Winter.  : )

Just Kids


I don’t have many recent pictures of Matthew. He will be 6 years old in November. He is a very sweet, touchy boy. He loves to rub my arm and be all lovey when he is doing his reading lesson to me. I think he will be a true romantic, loving young man when he gets married one day. He loves to love. Loves to touch.


Beautiful eyes… Warm brownish green on the inside with a dark ring of blue around them.


Here’s Pup with her new dress I made her. I got the fabric at Walmart for $2.00 a yard and the shirt for under $8.00.

DSC_0039 DSC_0054

Close sisters. This picture reminds me of the one I took of them in Iowa a couple of years ago. They share a room and the same bed together. Little sweeties…


I think Elisabeth’s eyes remind me of that one woman’s eyes that was on National Geographic many, many years ago.


Here is some of the product from our honey…


Propolis which has great healing and antiseptic properties in it.


See our dark, honey colored wax next to the stuff I bought at the health store some time ago?