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Head Coverings – Something our family has been going to the Lord about over the past 4 or 5 years. A subject of great controversy among believers. I shied away from the subject as I didn’t want to wear one if the Lord didn’t want me to. That was my greatest concern. How does the Lord want me to dress or appear? Only He knows what plans He has for my life and how he wants me to be presented to others. Some in the Anabaptist faith would think that if a woman isn’t wearing a head covering, she is not saved. That is preposterous. It’s no different than believing if a man doesn’t have a beard that he is unsaved. I will never buy it. I’ve been told just about a year ago by a local Amish woman that my prayers were an abomination to God because I wasn’t covering. Little did she know I was wearing a head covering from time to time and ready to commit to it. Her brazen comment in my own home turned me away from wanting to wear a covering. I didn’t want to be thought of as someone like her.  : )

There’s much more to share but I’ll keep it short, I was reading the Bible a couple of weeks ago and read this:

Isa 47:2-3  “Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers. 3 Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man. KJV

I couldn’t help but see the “uncover thy locks” part. It stood out and stayed with me throughout the night and the next day. I finally spoke to my husband about it and he shared that the Lord had told him just 2 nights ago that the covering is a form of protection.

So, we have come to a decision to cover in our family. We have much more surrounding this topic such as our lifestyle of not having a television in our home, home schooling, etc… We have a few friends who are of the Anabaptist faith and though we do not agree with some of their beliefs, we cannot find any other people closer to like mindedness or in who we would want our children to marry one day. This is very important to us.

So, while you see some changes in our dress on our blog in the upcoming months, we are the same as we’ve always been. I am so excited to make all these changes in the appearance in our family…. some of these ways have been with me for several years now. I love the simplicity of simple things. The world is such a busy, overly excitable place and decor and even fabrics have a busyness about them. We have decided to dress in solid prints as money and time allows. I think the girls beauty will be seen so much more with them wearing a pretty dark brown dress or a navy colored jumper. I remember covering Leah when she was a baby in a dark blue blanket dress that I made for her. It was back then that I thought of going all solid colors. She looked so beautiful! So, these things have been with us for a while.

After looking at different head coverings for several years, I found a couple that I think are just so beautiful One is actually a Jewish head covering that is in two layers. This is what I am wearing now but with tan and white colors. Jewish Headcovering

Linen Headcovering Long

This linen type looking covering I think is beautiful too. I saw this many months ago and saved it to my computer so I could try to replicate it. I think head coverings are lovely…. especially the long ones. I don’t think a woman needs to wrap her hair up in a ball and stuff it under a small head covering. There’s no reason for a woman to hide her femininity.  : )


Isn’t she just beautiful?


The girls just love wearing a head cover. They were so excited when we told them that we were going to be wearing a head covering.

So, I just wanted to share something before I close… we have friends who don’t wear head coverings, I even have a few friends who wear pants. And they are SAVED!!! They are God fearing, lovely people who seek the Lord and follow Him. While we want to abstain from the pleasures and ways of the world, we want to GO to people. There are so many people who are hurting, so many who need a loving and kind gesture or word. There are a few of us head covering people who do follow the Holy Spirit over the letter of the law. That is why my husband and I love each other so much… we are that way and we nurture that in each other and hope that one day we can see that in our children too.  Well, enough for now. I will be trying to catch up on here over the next week or so with all the birthdays we’ve had since last month, etc… Take care and God bless you all!

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  1. Very interesting, Hadassah, and I’m so happy to read that your hearts have been moved in this direction. I’ll be writing you an e-mail as soon as I get a moment (although the next two weeks are going to be very full).
    In Him, Sofia X

  2. Hadassah you look so amazing and vibrant and young!!! I remember reading on momys that you are drinking smoothies. Are you still doing that? What does your daily menu look like?

    • Yes, I am still drinking smoothies but the weight has subsided to only 5 pounds this past month. I can’t get it to budge past where I’m stuck. Thank you for the compliment on looking young. I am finding lately that the more weight I lose, the more my age is revealed in my face! It’s been quite drastic for me the past couple of weeks. Anyways, today I had a juice with carrot and kale… with a scoop of pea protein. I had another juice for lunch (minus the protein) and then a salad (romaine and kale) for dinner with a hard boiled egg in it, parmesan, and a good honey mustard dressing.

      Usually I do a smoothie and stay away from the juice but the lag in the weight it discouraging me a bit. : ) So here’s the normal menu:

      Tea in morning with soymilk and a little milk (will omit soy products once I get down in weight)
      Smoothie in morning before walk or biking for an hour – Spinach, sour cherries 1/2 cup, moringa (a supplement), chlorella, stevia and water. Just enough to get me going.
      Smoothie or salad or protein supplement powder (120 calories 25 to 35 grams protein) at lunch depending on what I feel my body needs.
      Salad or smoothie at dinner depending on what I ate for lunch! I do lightly supplement salads or smoothies with chia seeds, little coconut oil, nutritional yeast, etc… I love supplements.

      Anyways, how are you doing??? Thanks for writing me here!

  3. Thank you for this. I’ve been going back and forth on headcoverings for years. I’m mostly convinced and am covering right now. I don’t think a covering is long hair, and even if it was, I can’t really grow my hair long, so I’d choose to wear a covering, unless of course the shame of having shorn or shaven hair was only for those times and since it’s no longer shameful, it wouldn’t apply, but those don’t address headship order or the angels, so I’ll cover. Besides, history simply doesn’t support hair being a covering or it only being cultural or only for Corinth. It was new, it was for Christians, and it was to be done in joyful obedience to the Lord. I read some research on what Tertullian, Hyppolytus, and another early church father wrote about headcoverings. It was definitely being done in every church and all women were covering, even those that were not really being obedient as to the size of the covering (because it wasn’t covering all of their head).

    Now I’m just torn on which headcovering I can be most comfortable in. I want to do linen, as it is natural and very healing to the body, but I’m torn about whether to worry about standing out. Other Christians who don’t agree with headcovering make the argument that women are just trying to draw attention to themselves to show how holy they are. I don’t agree with that, and I don’t think we should be trying to blend in with the world. The early church didn’t try to blend in and look like everyone else, so why should we?

  4. I know this post is old. I cover my head as well. I find the head coverings by Shari rose to be very convenient.

    They sell them on Amazon and I believe Etsy as well.

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