This Past Week


Baby Anna reading next to a sleeping dad!


Smoke from the Washington fires. I took this picture 3 or 4 days ago. I woke up to the smell of smoke and a haze in the sky and over the lake. We are probably 70+ miles from the fires so no worries here yet. DSC_0032

Hannah’s pretty face and pretty flowers she brought in for me. Little messy head!

 DSC_0035 DSC_0045

Like I’ve shared, we have some wonderful neighbors here. A neighbor who lives down the hill from us about 10 minutes away, let Matthew and the girls pick all of these apricots this morning. She’s a 90 year old woman who blesses all her neighbors with plums, cherries and apricots every year. What a kind woman and are we excited about these apricots!


They look perfectly ripe but they need a day or two before we start pitting them and freezing them. We have them in the screened porch area to help ripen them up. They are free stone so the pits come out in about 1 second. I can’t imagine how many pounds of apricots we have here. I won’t need to buy fruit for some months now. Thank you so very much Judy!!!

Look Who’s Eight Years Old!

Just look who’s eight years old! Elisapup! We sure love you. I like 8 years old… it’s a fun age and I can start doing more with you now. We’ll do more sewing this year and I will teach you how to type on a keyboard with Tux Penguin like I taught the older girls.  : ) Eight years ago they said my fluid was too low so they induced me. Mommy was not ripe as I was only 37 weeks along and so you would not come out. You turned around in me so they had to do a c-section (there must have been enough fluid for you to turn around). I was so taken by you that I took you wherever I went as a baby… even the grocery store. I couldn’t bear to be away from you for a moment.



You wanted a cherry cake. We got baskets of cherries from our dear neighbors… both of them. So, mommy made a homemade cake with cherries in the batter chunked up and homemade whipped cream with cherries on top. Yum.

DSC_0022 DSC_0027

Oh my, you are looking older. I already see 9 years old here!


The babies don’t go down to the water but they do play in water on our deck on hot days. Here they are transferring water from one bucket to another. Leah and Matthew wanted to join in too.


Mommy’s salad: Spinach, tomatoes, purple cabbage, artichoke hearts, red onions, capers and avocados. Parmesan shavings and a homemade dressing… I just don’t feel deprived on this diet. I love it!!!


Beautiful, red cherries from our neighbors. Thank you so very much!!!


Our pretty flowers on our front door.

A Very Special Trip

I have many posts and pictures to catch up on. I think I will try to do a post a day until I catch up….

I just got back from a very special trip to Western Washington. I have a grandmother from Norway who just turned 90 years old whom I haven’t seen for years that I got to visit. I also saw my dear friend Missy who I haven’t seen for some years either. We were all going to go as a family but a few weeks ago when Matthew decided to take the twins for a ride to the post office to show them off (their first outing since moving here over a year ago), they got car sick all over themselves – both of them at the same time. We knew that if they couldn’t make it an hour, surely they wouldn’t last a one way, five hour trip. So, Matthew stayed home with the 3 little ones and I took Elisabeth, Hannah, Matthew and Leah with me.

We went to visit my grandmother first. My aunt Edith was outside waiting for us. I had not seen her in close to 20 years. She looked like she had finally aged. We hugged and then all went in to see grandma. I expected grandma to be frail looking and skinny. However, she was still stocky looking but she had aged quite a bit since I last saw her. We hugged and cried and cried some more. She gave the kids some candy right away to make them feel at home. We looked at pictures and talked and she showed us her little place that she loves so much. She sold her home of many, many years just last year and is very content in a nursing home now. It was a pretty classy place.

She then wanted to take us out to eat. She took us to a buffet type style restaurant and when we were finished, I could tell she was visibly tired. Exhausted completely. She wanted to go home and go to bed. It was only 5:00 or so. When we parted and I drove away, I realized soon thereafter that I had forgotten to take in my camera! I was so upset and heartbroken, I cried in a parking lot. I had been so excited to see her that I had forgotten to bring in my camera. I spent the night at my friend’s house nearby and called her in the morning to see if I could come to take a couple of pictures really quick but she declined. She was still tired and hadn’t gotten dressed yet.  : (  So, I have my big regret, my dumb mistake that we sometimes make in an emotional state. I hope she’ll still be here next year so that I can take a picture of her. If not, I have memories of her from child hood and that I can carry with me.  : )

Next we went to spend the night at a very special friend’s house. Her name is Missy and I met her while working in the Service Bulletin Group at Boeing in 2001. There were so many deep Christians that we worked with together back then that it was truly like going to church every day. It was my favorite place I had ever worked and I looked forward to going to work every day. Missy and I shared a little room together for our office. We got to know each other really quick. Back then she had a son and a daughter – her daughter was maybe 12 and her son was somewhere around that age.  My older daughters were 8 and 13 at the time. Missy had the softest personality I have ever met in a woman. She never spoke bad about anyone, was always so light and pleasant to be around. She had the sweetest heart and kindest disposition. Think Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

There’s another reason why I love her so much. It is because of tragedy. Back in 2005 she lost her daughter who was then 15 years old to complications that arose from meningitis that she had had previously. I remember going to the funeral and seeing my dear friend Missy with her husband and I can’t describe the pain, the aching pain I had for my dear sister. No one should have a funeral for their child… especially not my friend Missy who has nothing of a hard heart in her. Over the years, my pain for her has not diminished… because her pain has not diminished. DSC_0118

There was a time we just kind of slipped away.  Last year I felt an urgency to get in contact with her again. I didn’t want her out of my life. I left a message at her work place but she never got it. I looked up her name online and to my horrific shock I discovered that her son who was left had just died at the age of 25 in a car accident. I lost sleep that night… a lot of sleep. And I cried for her. I couldn’t believe it. I found her address online and wrote to her. We reconnected and talked about the hard side of life that we just don’t understand as Christians.

I finally saw her 2 days ago and it was like we saw each other yesterday. We had the most comfortable time there at her home. The kids had so much fun playing with her little creations that she puts on Etsy. She makes the most beautiful pieces of art… Wow!– I hope that it’s okay that I put all of this on here Missy! Her art and jewelry making is her therapy and it gives her mind a good place of rest. I am so glad. She is so talented here. Anyways, she let the girls touch and handle hundreds of pieces of her items and with such ease. I couldn’t believe it. The girls were in Heaven just looking at all the pretty colors of everything.

In the evening she put us in our guest rooms that were so pretty with warm colors on the walls and the most comfy beds and bedding. In the morning she gave the kids some soaked oatmeal with almond meal and coconut flour and raisins with raw cows milk. Talk about spoiled!!!  : )  When we left the kids were waving their arms out the windows to her and calling her Jesus. It was pretty cute.

So, we then got to drive home and I took pictures of Western Washington through the Cascades and we stopped at a couple of fun  places – one with a train. I am looking forward to next year, I would love to make this trip once a year. It was wonderful!  DSC_0148


One of our stops on our way home. A fun play train. Oh, I forgot to mention that we bought some baby chicks and baby ducks on the way home that we had to haul along with us. The kids had so much fun looking at the little critters in the box on their laps in the car.


DSC_0151 DSC_0155

Breathtaking beautiful that you can only find in Washington State.


Dad’s First Batch of Honey

Well, after 4 years or so dad got his first batch of honey… and a good one at that. He brought in over 2 gallons from his first frame. In about a week we may have some more. DSC_0094Pretty honey comb filled with honey. This is still capped with beeswax. DSC_0096 DSC_0098 DSC_0100Dad’s extractor. Our neighbor who is into bees too has a friend in Western Washington who no longer maintains bee hives who wanted to give away much of his bee equipment. Our neighbor shared that he knew someone who would be happy to take it off of his hands. He brought over a trailer full of boxes of hives with frames, a bee suit and this extractor…. all for free!!! What a blessing! Matthew cleaned up this extractor and finished it up with a cleaning with oil. It works beautifully. DSC_0105The little honeybee who doesn’t want to leave… DSC_0109Capping the comb. DSC_0112Glistening, golden colored honey. DSC_0119Daddy turning the extractor and the honey pouring out. DSC_0123 DSC_0127The finished product.DSC_0008Beautiful raw honeyDSC_0009Happy daddy. He loves his bees.   : )  We’re grateful for the honey they provide. This is fun!

A Moose and Her Babies in Our Backyard!

I am so excited to share this! We had a moose swimming in the lake last year… we watched him swim all the way to the other side. I didn’t have my camera with me. Tonight I looked outside of my kitchen window and saw this moose with her babies. I had to crop the picture so you could really see that it’s a moose, but it turned out beautiful. I’m sure she is on the other side of the lake already as it’s been about 40 minutes. Wow, a moose in Washington State and in our backyard. Incredible!!! DSC_0011