The Willow Trees

My husband and I were walking down the hill towards our house after our evening walk the other night. We both saw the same thing… how much more open the beautiful view of the lake and how much more open the home would look with the willow trees gone. We both knew that it would be the greatest thing that we could do on the outside of the house to help in the sale of our home. And we are all about selling this home so we can buy a home in full with no mortgage. So, my husband got his tiller combination wood chipper fixed nearby and started with the hardest tree first…. the one that wants to fall by the tennis court. DSC_0015

He had already started removing the tree when I took the first picture.DSC_0018See the view that someone can have when they buy this home? I personally love willow trees… especially on a nice farm, but for someone who wants a lake house, most people are going to want clean and open views. DSC_0023See how much room they take up? Anyone will be able to see the house so much more when they are down. DSC_0025Daddy doing some prep work and planning…DSC_0026

Oh, I didn’t like seeing my husband up here. I haven’t seen him do anything dangerous since we’ve had children.  : (  I was praying… DSC_0027Here he is making a bow cut in the tree. I believe he did the other side as well. He has fallen trees for many people in years past, but I sure didn’t feel good about watching him. I was so scared that he might get crushed under the tree. DSC_0036 DSC_0043Here’s the first tree down. It had started pouring while my poor husband was just finishing up. You can see how much it opens things up. I will take some more pictures once the area is more cleaned up. It looks great! Not only do we have no regrets, the results have exceeded our expectations. We are both looking forward to when the second tree comes down. It will truly open things up incredibly.


Random Pictures

DSC_0044Beautiful double rainbowDSC_0010Beautiful garlic scapes from our gardenDSC_0019Here is Tabitha and Anna taking a bath…DSC_0021

It looks like they are still trying to figure out if they are enjoying their bath.  : ) DSC_0037

Mommy having a juice with kale, spinach, green apple and lemon. Twenty five pounds gone so far. I am very happy with the results in just 7 weeks.

DSC_0051Beautiful little Leah. You still melt my heart so much. You are such a softie. Leah has the softest little voice you could ever hear.  DSC_0054Elisabeth’s beautiful flowers she picked for me. It looks like some thistle here. Beautiful picture.

Welcome Home

How would you like to come home to this? Yes, he’s on our front door. I told you we have LOTS of snakes around here. DSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0076No need to worry… he’s a Bull Snake. Though they look nearly identical to a rattle snake, they do not have a rattle as you see and they are not venomous.DSC_0079There he goes… right under our porch! Thank God I am not scared of snakes, I am actually kind of fascinated with them. I do have a fear of Rattle Snakes though and do worry about our children. A young man was riding his horse on the road by our property the other day and came over to talk to us. He had a rattle snake with him that he had just killed on down the road. He shook the rattle for the kids to hear. I have heard them when I go for a walk but haven’t seen one yet…


The Turtle, Reading and a Haircut

DSC_0001Here you go Lady Violet (one of my commenters)!  Here’s a Western Painted turtle that my husband found two days ago. Isn’t he or she pretty? DSC_0004 DSC_0007Long nails… Is this a boy or a girl? I don’t remember what you shared.DSC_0008 DSC_0012This should actually be first on this post but this is how the pictures lined up. Elisabeth has read each and every one of these reading books. She has read over 1500 pages between all of these. She is now on her last 3rd grade reader book and she’s only in the 2nd grade! We only read together for 15 minutes a day. Home schooling can be done with little time but with consistency. She has had a homemade yummy treat every time she finishes a book. The others get to indulge too… And of course with Hannah and Matthew finishing books, momma had to keep making yum yums for them.  : )  They all enjoyed our neighbors raspberries with cream on them. We’re just so proud of her reading capability. DSC_0014DSC_0001And not so happy Chops getting a haircut. It isn’t his favorite thing to do! We love you little Matthew!


Chickens, Turkeys and 1 Snake

Here, Leah spied a little Bullsnake hiding under some wood by the back sliding door outside. Yes, this is a little one. He will get much, much bigger and thicker. They get to about 6 feet long. They are not venomous and they do not bother me. I walk to the mailbox each day and sometimes see one on the way or one out in the road. I usually walk somewhat near them to take a better look. The kids are to keep away as they might think a rattlesnake is a bullsnake… Thank God they are much more timid about them than we are. DSC_0013 DSC_0018Plymouth Barred RocksDSC_0021Our sweet, little turkeys out free ranging DSC_0022 DSC_0029Our beautiful raspberry plants that we got from our neighbors. Aren’t they looking healthy?DSC_0030Our humble garden this year. Now what we are used to but we’re happy with what we have. Daddy likes to poke around in his garden each day when the babies are napping. The kids love to help him. DSC_0043 DSC_0047Pretty pictureDSC_0064Pretty girlDSC_0069

Last Month Part II

DSC_0258Beautiful flowers that the kids picked for us. DSC_0239Homemade raw cashew pumpkin butter. It was delicious! DSC_0234Little Leah doing dishes… DSC_0232Fermenting concoctions… Asian cabbage, sourdough and fermenting/culturing arugula. DSC_0226Daddy reading to the twins. Guess who is who?DSC_0219 DSC_0206Beautiful flower on our propertyDSC_0195 DSC_0184Pretty flowers going up our hill…DSC_0181 DSC_0176Nutritious trout from the lake. DSC_0173Beautiful angels that the kids drew on their chalkboard we have in the kitchen.DSC_0151Big sister taking good care of the little ones. DSC_0145Leah looking silly eating her picnic lunch on the deck. DSC_0144 DSC_0131The kids enjoying a picnic on the deck. DSC_0123 DSC_0116Nice pictures of DaddyDSC_0115

Last Month

Here are some pictures from the last month – I put too many pictures on the post and am having trouble writing a description on the last pictures because it crashes. I will try to get it to work somehow or make a new post with the last pictures tomorrow.  DSC_0012Pretty rainbowDSC_0017Kids coloring… Hannah, you put your headband on the wrong spot silly. DSC_0024Momma’s new bookDSC_0056Our turkeys… we lost one to a predator last month. My husband could not find her when it was time for her to come in in the evening. One of the kids found her wing nearby. : (  They are really big now. DSC_0060Our sweet twins… coming up on two. DSC_0061Anna is the one on the left who is pointing. Tabitha on the right. DSC_0066 DSC_0069Sweet AnnaDSC_0085Some of Daddy’s bee pollen. DSC_0096A wonderful gift from our neighbors… A huge box of raspberries from last year. Super fresh still. We enjoyed a lot of them in muffins last month. DSC_0105Hannah enjoying some of the flowers they picked from our yard.



Well it’s official – I’m on a juice fast now. I’ve been juicing off and on ( store bought) for a couple of weeks now. Sometimes a couple of days and then a salad and then another day and then another salad. My body has detoxed and I’m glad it’s over. I thought I had the flu a few times as my bones, especially my facial bones, would just ache.

I got my juicer yesterday and had my first crown put on a tooth today. They did a wonderful job. I took a frozen juice to drink on the way home. I feel so calm, so relaxed and at ease… it’s incredible. I don’t know how long I will fast on juice, I may need a salad now and then. But, I will only be juicing, eating an occasional salad or smoothie until I get down a good 65 pounds. I will make a new page/tab on this blog to put my progress… It will be fun. I am super excited. It’s been since 2004 since I’ve been on a diet but this is different and for so many different reasons…

I’ll be posting the regular pictures soon. I’m getting into my new normal for a while. I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer.  : )