Icky Food

I love eating healthy. Even if it means eating things that most people would find disgusting… Even my husband who used to eat Recess Peanut Butter Cups, Cokes and coffee all the day long before we met, has switched over (and loves) my icky food.  : )  DSC_0006Bitter dandelion greens, fresh from the yard.  Hmmm, not too bad yet!

DSC_0110Fish broth from the trout from the lake. We include the fish heads too….  Hmm, it’s starting to get ugly.

DSC_0082What is it???

DSC_0078Fried Fish Livers. Yes, we got brave this year and have fried the fish livers in butter and sea salt. They are delicious and very nourishing. I feel like going for a walk already!

DSC_0072Nothing offensive here… just healthy and delicious Patience Dock from our neighbor.

DSC_0076Sourdough starter from freshly ground rye. I don’t think most are too offended by this here.  : )


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