DSC_0003Here’s the opening day of fishing season. We had two or three boats out in front throughout the day.

DSC_0022The afternoon catch. We already had 3 in the fridge from the morning. See how big some of the trout get?

DSC_0024 DSC_0029They kind of look like salmon to me…

DSC_0034Hannah caught this fish. She’s a good fisher girl. She even knows how to cast out.

DSC_0035Pup’s holding the smallest trout. She caught a good sized one too though.

DSC_0038Two huge trout from Lake Wannacut. Beautiful, healthy eating. I have learned to de-bone mine on my plate nearly perfect in about a minute and a half. I make a butter, garlic and malt vinegar sauce to pour over the cleaned fish.


2 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. I so look forward to your updates. There is nothing you apparently eat that I would call ‘icky’. It all looks absolutely delicious to me, especially the fish livers! You know how we serve trout here in Catalonia? It’s called Navarra trout and when the fish is clean from innerds, we pop a slice of smokey bacon in the space and seal with a toothpick. If you then barbecue it… Goodness, it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

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