Cute, Little Turtles

Just look at the cute, little baby turtles we found swimming up to our beach today. We had fun observing them and making them a box with sand, water and a rock in it. We added a little cooked fish too. We will be putting them back into their natural environment tomorrow morning. DSC_0095 DSC_0091So tiny! They get to be a good size later on. We saw (and caught) a couple of them last year fully grown. Their shell gets to be as big as my entire hand. While driving to the store last year, one was walking across the street – I had to stop and pick him up and take him to the store with me (leaving him in the car), so I could put him back in the lake before he would get squashed. DSC_0090Beautiful markings… DSC_0088

DSC_0085Here are the kids looking at the tiny turtles.

4 thoughts on “Cute, Little Turtles

  1. What handsome little fellows! I am a real turtle fan and the ones you have here are Western Painted Turtles. They indeed grow to a magnificent size, these you have are hatchlings. I have five in a pool in my garden. One of them is 23 years old! You can tell if they are males just by looking at their front claws: if they are long then they are males. They have to have their shells the size of the palm of your hand and they will be mature enough to see the claws (6-8 years old). As in other reptiles, it’s the temperature at which they are incubated which decides whether they will hatch male or female. Make sure you wash your hands well after handling them as many breeds carry salmonella. I wish I could see them for real, they are magnificent. Enjoy them for me : )

    • Thank you for all of the information regarding the turtles and the warning. Yes, I love turtles too. I wanted a little one so bad when I was a teenager but they weren’t selling them small back then. Wow, I can’t believe you have one that’s 23 years old – how neat! I would love to see how big your turtle is. I’m wondering what you feed them.

      • I feed them on the following: I buy in the frozen food stores a type of fresh water fish which is allowed to be caught very small – smaller than your pinkie. I chop this up and give it to them, raw. (For us, I lightly salt and flour fry, full of calcium and plenty of other minerals). I also give them raw, peeled baby prawns, chopped. (Fish is not expensive here.) Then, when I take a lettuce from the garden I throw them the outer leaves that are a little more fibrous. They also like the leaves form the grape vine. Specially prepared turtle food is awfully expensive for so many but I do have some at hand for emergencies. They also like mosquito larvae and flies and there is no shortage of either here during our summer!
        My daughter’s wedding is in three weeks time and we are very busy at the moment, but after things have settled a little I would like to do a detailed post about my little friends!
        How are you feeling? We are praying that you have nothing too serious and can be well soon. Keep your trust in the Lord. It’s certainly a shame that I don’t live nearer, as I guess sometines you could do with a hand. I don’t exactly have time on my hands as I purposefully keep myself busy but I would drop everything to be able to help sweep your floors, prepare supper, entertain older ones or hold an upset baby. Thankfully you have dear hubby with you to lend a hand. God bless and daily keep you all close to Him. S.

        • Thank you for sharing about your turtles. : ) Thank you for thinking about me. I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I hope your daughter’s wedding goes well for her and all of you. It must be coming up pretty quick by now.

          I am feeling a lot better. I have been taking Omneprazole and all of the symptoms went away, and really quick! I have had an episode after eating butter (after being off of it for almost 2 weeks), that makes me still wonder if it’s the gallbladder. I decided that having a significantly sized hernia, it would do me good to lose a lot of weight. So, I’ve been juice fasting, drinking fish broth and if I’m not juicing, I’m eating only 2 salads a day. About 9 pounds off in 10 days already. Ahhh… 60 more to go to get to where I was before having 7 kids in 6 years. I know it is what is needed. I have arthritis in my feet and I can only imagine how good they would feel with 60 lbs off. : )

          So, thank you for asking. I’ve had a lot going on with extended family with situations I’ve been trying to work out so that’s the main reason for my absence. Things are coming together though. : )

          The best to you and your daughter on her wedding day. Please do share later when you have time.

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