We Miss the Farm


Summer 2011

Though our lives are filled with kids and the busyness of life, we miss the farm deeply. Our lives are not the same not having a farm. In Iowa last year, the kids were still playing outside through November.  Daddy still had the cow to milk. The year before when we were in Westport area in Washington, the kids would play in the barn in the winter. They would feed and play with the chickens and we always had something to talk about regarding the farm. During the winter months, we looked at seed catalogs and daddy made a list of all that he was going to plant and where he would plant it. He made up a sort of blue print and would pin it up in the barn. It was always an exciting time to look forward to spring.

Now I look out at the lake and wonder what we were thinking in buying this home. We simply just miss our farm. We miss seeing the kids lives entwined in the whole farm life. Oh, how we can’t wait for God to move us so we can finally get this thing right. My blog isn’t even right anymore. The poor kids don’t have anything to do here because we traded our farm life for luxury lake front living and to be frank, it’s quite boring.

I hear our chimes out the back window, our chimes that our Realtor and his wonderful wife gave us as a gift when we bought the home in Iowa, and I remember the hot, humid wind blowing them when I arrived home with boxes full of things from the Amish stores. We heard those chimes when the wind picked up quite quickly and you could feel the heat and the cold in the air at the same time. The thunder would start and the rain would then fall. Daddy would have to shut to barn. We would look out the windows at the newness of the thunderstorms that they had there. It was all fun and exciting at the same time for us. I heard those chimes while sitting in a reclining chair in the backyard, pregnant with the twins. The kids were running around until out of breath, they picked vegetables, watched the chickens and talked to our cow. They played in the water from the water pump to cool off from the heat. It was humid, I didn’t like it, but I somehow miss it now.

The farm we had in Washington, if you followed our blog back then in the summers of 2009 or so through 2012 when we moved, it was such a busy time of learning. Kids, and more kids and more kids. Eight baby chicks to chickens, to a hatchery to so many chickens and eggs that we would sell them and trade them for salmon, halibut and crab. Our regular customers were dear to us. We really go to know them. Back to the farm – then we raised turkeys  and ducks, we raised a couple of cows, and even a couple of pigs. Oh, how fun it was. Matthew would trade eggs with a butcher 60 minutes away from us and he would fill our trunk full of top quality beef. We had so much, we gave much away. Then my husband got into gardening…. plowing the fields, planting the seeds with the little kids… What an abundance we had. Again, so much we had to give away and give away. Watermelons; kinds we had never heard of, canteloupes, corn, lemon balm, collards, strawberries, pumpkin patches and so much more. What a joy it was. What a life we loved so much. We cannot wait to get back to that life again and be able to take it where we want to go with it. We were just getting the hang of it and just getting to roll with it… Oh, how we hope that we can move soon so we can get back to doing the things we truly love and that God wants us to do. Please pray for us, it is very hard on us. It is very empty here and it is our own doing. We’re trying to make the best of it… But, for the kid’s sakes, I hope we can get into a farm again soon.  : )

2 thoughts on “We Miss the Farm

  1. I could’ve written this post-
    We left our “hobby farm” in November and moved to WNY (very rural, but not farming). We did it to get out of debt quick. (kind of working)

    But EVERYDAY we miss our animals– our barns– the chores– EVERYTHING….

    We too PRAY to get back to farm life at the earliest point possible.


    • Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It means so much to me to know that someone is going through this too. : ) I’m sorry you are hurting though and hope that you can get back to what’s normal life for your family. : )

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