Turkeys and Spring Part II

There’s no turkeys here on this post, but since I took the pictures all on the same day I thought I may as well do this one as a part II.  : )  While we are here for whatever time God allows, I may as well share some of the joys of living here.


You are too cute Elisabeth. No, she isn’t wearing prescription glasses yet. She is wearing my non-prescription glasses I bought from Zenni Optical for $6.95 last month to see if I really wanted to make the switch over. They really do offer prescription glasses for $6.95 on their site. I have 2 pairs on their way for $21.00 total. Anyways, I’ll be taking her in for her first eye exam this year as she’s coming up on 8 years old. I was 8 when I had to wear my first pair. They look so good on you Pup!


Everyone wearing mommy’s glasses… you all sure look cute!


This was the lake yesterday… very calm and the pretty green look is starting to reveal itself. It’s just beautiful water to swim in. It has a high amount of epsom salts in it so there are very few mosquitoes here. The light green you see is just clean sand. It’s nice to walk through. I swam and walked a lot last Summer to the point that I lost 30 pounds just having fun.


Enjoying the pretty view from the deck. I swam across the cove last year, it took a half hour to make it to the other side and back. There were turtles sitting on the rocks on the other side. We’ve had a few out front here as well. We caught one and kept him for the day before releasing him. I’ll make sure we catch another just to take a picture.



Oodles of kids…. we just thought we would end up with eight, but my body is telling me much different each month. We’re alright with that though. We’re looking forward to getting the last 3 out of diapers. Hmmm, what a nice dream! : )  I’ve been changing diapers since 1988.

Last Summer, I took the kids out on the lake several times with floaties and inner tubes. Elisabeth came close to being able to swim on her own. Maybe this Summer. Another nice thing about this lake is that it is really shallow for a good 25+ feet. We can go away from the shore a ways and it is still only to a bit above my knees. It makes me feel safe in having the kids out in the water with me. The kids aren’t allowed down at the water without us, period. Or they end up having to come into the house. They have been really good about it. With the lake, I am not concerned about there being a problem with the kids. I am more concerned about rattle snakes, bears (yes, they are up here, so we’ve been told), and cougars. Sometimes I wish the kids were just a bit older, I wouldn’t worry so much. Anyways, enough rambling… : )

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