Goodbye Blue Carpet

The only thing I had trouble with when we moved in here, was the blue carpet. This house is gorgeous and needs to be stripped of all of its extras in order to show its true beauty. We are in the process of laying bamboo flooring down. So far, Matthew has our bedroom closet and master bathroom down. It was the hardest part that required a lot of cutting so the rest of the flooring should go down a lot quicker. I will share pictures of the flooring soon. But for now, this is what we’re walking on now. The plywood even looks better than the blue flooring. It’s so much lighter looking inside now.  : )  And it should help tremendously with the sale of the home. Apparently, people didn’t want to buy the home because of the “blue carpet.” Well, now they will have no excuse.


 Half of the living room stripped of the carpet. Very few staples… we were blessed.


Looking good… prepping for the real thing.

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