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I am so sorry, I do not receive a notification by e-mail anymore when someone comments on here. I’m not sure why. I will sometimes go a few months without thinking to check if there are comments on here and then find that there are several from old posts. I have changed a few things so I can see your comments (which many of them are dear to my heart when I read them), and respond to them. A few years ago on my older blog, I didn’t even know how to respond to comments and I think I lost a few people as I was probably taken for being quite rude. Again, my apologies.  : (

On another note, Matthew is starting to till up the ground by the barn now and we will be planting some seeds here pretty soon. We will still be doing some farming but we will keep it limited as we have to put up deer fencing. There are plenty of deer up here, more than I have ever seen. In the Spring and Summer, we see them walking in our back yard nearly every day. I go for walks and there they are up by the barn or somewhere on our property. They are very comfortable with humans. I wish I had my old pictures of them that I took this last Summer before losing my computer. Anyways, we’ll be planting arugula, spinach, collards, kale, pumpkins and more. We’ll be planting some herbs as well…. we want to try stevia as I love it as a sweetener.

The twins have been very sick the past week and a half. They are doing much better now. We are tearing up the blue carpet in the master bedroom and living room and will be putting down some bamboo flooring that was on sale at Home Depot. It will arrive this Wednesday. I am already taking pictures of the process. I will post again soon….

A small thing…. I am going to get my first pair of glasses since I was a child. I wear contacts but find that I love the way I look so much more when I wear reading glasses. So, I can’t wait to share once I get them. I have one of those faces that is just made for eyeglasses.  : )

Last year, I got some pictures of the 6 foot bull snakes we have out here: And we have plenty of them. I will get some more pictures as soon as we start seeing them. They are not venomous, but apparently are pretty nasty/grouchy! We had a moose swimming in the lake last year, I don’t know if I will ever see that again, but if I do, I will surely take a picture. Bobcats, cougars, bear and mountain goats are out here… but I have only seen the bobcat. He was in our coop a few months ago and killed most of our chickens. We have the most beautiful birds out here, cute little chipmunks, and of course some trout that I will have to photograph. The kids learned how to fish last year and will pick it right up again this April. There was a month towards the end of Summer last year that we caught some huge 1 pounder trout. I will have to take some pictures of that too.

Anyways, thanks for letting me share my random thoughts. I am feeling better about things now that the snow has melted and we’ve all gotten outside these past few days. It’s been beautiful out here. We’ll keep on living, making the best of things and make new memories here to take with us when we leave. Every place we go has something to offer and someway we can contribute too. Be blessed my friends and enjoy the new season of Spring coming about.   : )

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  1. Great to read that you are adapting a little more, now. So many moves and with small children, can be physically and psycologically wearing for anyone. It’s now when we have to make the most of the opportunities the Lord has given us, these days are tomorrow’s memories. Have fun planning and getting your veggies underway. How exciting about the floor. I’m not too keen on the wall to wall type carpeting, either. I honestly wish I could come and help you out, but it’s just a little too far : ( Sigh!
    May God bless you all, Sofia

    • Thank you Sofia (such a pretty name). I wish you could come out here too, just to meet! : ) The bamboo flooring is a bit clean or perfect looking for me. I do like a bit more of a rustic look – wide plank floors, etc… but it will help to sell the house. Matthew is busy laying it now. It is beautiful.

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