Baby Turkeys and Spring…

Well things just keep getting better with Spring upon us. It’s nice to get the kids outside – and me outside too. Here’s a few pictures of the past couple of days. I’ll put up the rest of the pictures soon.



Daddy and Matthew


 Girls having fun…


 Close sisters…


 Daddy enjoying being outdoors


 Matthew being a boy


Elisabeth’s sweet letter to me. It says, “Thank you for all that you do I love you very much!” Thank you sweetie!


 Playing with their ponies…


 The blue carpet  – all gone!


Some wonderful pickled garlic that my neighbor Carol gave me.  I believe it has a bit of honey in it, it has just the right amount of sweetness to it. I will have to do this myself now as I cannot stay away from it!


Another gift our neighbor gave to us. I can’t wait to get it going and try it. It is a hearty green herb that supposedly tastes like spinach. It has good medicinal properties to it. Thanks again Carol!!! Again, I just love my neighbors here.


Pup with a new doll we picked up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago.


Baby turkeys. Matthew took the kids out yesterday to pick up some baby chicks at Princes. They only had a few left and they were only straight run, so they walked over to look at the turkeys. They were nearly ten dollars a piece, just too pricey for our liking. One of the employees there, (he suspects to be the manager) happened to be talking with Matthew and the kids. She shared after a few minutes that she wanted to buy the kids some turkeys. Matthew shared that she didn’t have to do that, but she insisted. She bought them 4 baby white broad breasted turkeys (the ones we use to raise) and a bag of feed. What a dear thing for a stranger to do! We have never been in such a community that is so giving – and they give freely here. It brings me such joy to be able to give and exchange here  with little opportunities that come our way. Thank you Sue for blessing us. The kids are surely enjoying the baby turkeys you bought for them.


 Matthew is in his glory. We are raising them for a couple of weeks in our basement. Keep them nice and warm.


… and sugar free chocolate. Keeps me away from the sweets and good for you! Black cocoa, coconut oil, cream, a little butter and stevia. I keep it in the fridge. I just enjoy a little spoonful each day.

7 thoughts on “Baby Turkeys and Spring…

  1. I always enjoy coming to your blog to get my “Geraci” fix. 🙂 The children’s pictures are such a treat as are the pictures of the area, the garden and outdoors, the new “pets”, Matthew, and the food!! Your desserts always look so good and your bread looks scrumptious! Wish I could slice a piece for lunch!! I haven’t heard of black chocolate. I’ll have to look for some of that around here as it would be good for me to curb my sweet tooth! Hope you are well Hadassah. Miss seeing pictures of you too! Love and hugs. Mary

    • Thank you for writing Mary! I miss hearing from you. I still have your nice letter you sent us when we were in Iowa. It is dear to me. Black chocolate – well, it’s actually black cocoa. I will have to correct that. : ) It tastes like oreos. Yes, I am doing really well. I’ll get Matthew to take a few pictures of me after I get my glasses and get used to them. I feel a little tipsy going from contacts to glasses, everything moves when I move. By the way… we’ll be moving to North East Kansas when we sell the home – Holton area. So, maybe we’ll see each other again one day. I hope so. Tell Tom hello. I miss hearing his voice, I never shared this but his voice is just like my dearest grandfather’s who passed away when I was 26 (hopefully, he won’t take offense at that). : ) My father left us when I was 8 years old and my grandfather was all I had as a father figure growing up. He was so dear to me. When we met your husband, I couldn’t help but feel comfortable with him right away because of his voice. Well you be blessed Mary and thank you again for writing here. It made my day.

      • Hadassah, so nice to hear from YOU! I will certainly pass along your thoughts to Tom. He will be THRILLED to know he sounds like your grandfather. He really does have a distinctive voice and has even talked about putting out a radio spot for his real estate practice…we’ll see if that ever happens. I do think he should do voiceovers!

        Ooooh, black cocoa that tastes like oreos. I think I’m hooked!! Please give the whole family lots of hugs from us. I just love looking at your pictures. I think you should make a calendar with the beautiful images you’ve captured or better yet, a book! Tom will enjoy seeing the pictures of where you are living but more importantly of the family.

        I truly enjoyed reading the post about the wind chimes. It makes me so happy that they make you happy! It was my idea 🙂 Also, I looked up your new location on the map. I agree, it would be awesome to reconnect someday in the near future, so we definitely will stay tuned to see what happens. Enjoy the blessing of each day!! Mary

        • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement Mary. Yes, I agree… Tom has just the right radio voice that he should consider it for his practice. He’s got to be able to do something special with a voice like that. : )

          Yes, we love the wind chimes so much. They are sentimental to us. They remind us of you and your husband and how kind and generous you were to bring them as a gift to us that day. I wish we could have had more times together, but maybe in the future. We would love that! The kids would love seeing you too. We’ll see when the Lord moves us again – I’m sure we’ll be in Iowa again someday as we would love to pay a visit to our neighbors. There were some particularities and rough spots about our short stay there but we have a soft spot about it there still.

          Anyways, you take care Mary. Our conversation is always such a blessing to me! Thank you!

          Love, Hadassah

  2. I,too, love to read about your “daily-daily”, news, photos and things which happen. You live in such a beautiful area and have some very kind people to help you along. You must feel very blessed.
    Have a nice spring day! God bless,

  3. Me again! Hey, why don’t you do another “day in the life of”? Now you have a few more kiddos and live in a different part of the woods. I’ve just read the one you did just before Matthew was born (2008) and loved it : ) I find it so much fun to read how other families spend their days.

    • Hi Sofia, how neat to know that you read our blog all the way back to 2008. How neat! Lots of changes huh? Yes, I will consider doing another day in the life of the Geraci’s maybe in a month when the floor is all put in. At least I can include homeschooling and a few more things from back then. It’s funny how things seem so much easier now with 7 kids than it did with just 3. I think it’s because we are becoming more practiced and just have a schedule for things to follow – it also helps not having pregnancy hormones and fatique going on. : ) Thank you for writing. It means a lot to me! Take care and please remind me if I don’t do another life in the day of the Geraci’s within a couple of months. Take care…

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